Savannah, Georgia
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I ordered a special order entry door from Lowes. The door when delivered for installation did not meet the specifications.

I refused the door and sent it back to Lowes. I was then told that the manufacturer of the door made the change to the specifications as they did not feel it necessary to have more than 6" which only had 4" of fiberglass on the bottom of the door frame, also no trim was included on the door, sidelights or transom. I said as the customer this is not acceptable, I was not notified of any changes. I paid for as ordered 12" of fiberglass on the trim.

Customer service at the Lowes store in Savannah, GA was awful. All I got was phone calls stating that the door was ordered and it would meet the specs. I paid full price $3,959.52 and it took 3 months to get the door. I finally gave up and said install the door, but I felt I deserved a discount or credit for all my inconvenience, but was told the store could do nothing until the door was installed.

Guess what, now they don't want to talk with me!! Lesson learned...I will never use Lowes again, Home Depot now has my business!!

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