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I bought flooring on my credit with a deferred payment. The cashier put the deferred payment through and said she made an error.

She put it through again and when I got my bill it was double charged with 2 different deferred payments. I complained right away. At first, Lowes dealt with me and said it was rectified, but as you can imagine-it wasn't. Dealth with Lowes store again and they said they fixed it and the next bill would show it - Again not fixed.

The next time I went back, they told me I had to deal with the credit department. I replied - but it was your cashier that made the mistake.

I dealt with the credit department several times and they said they would look into it, but again did not fix it. I will always remember this and will never use a deferred or credit from any company again and I WILL NEVER SHOP AT LOWES AGAIN - NOT SURPRISED THEY ARE HAVING FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY - THERE WAS AT LEASE 2 PEOPLE AT LOWES DESK COMPLAINING ABOUT THEIR CREDIT AND IT WAS AN EMPTY STORE AT THE TIME - WHAT DID THAT TELL ME - BUYER BEWARE - HOME DEPOT FROM NOW ON!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $705.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Just poor experience and will not go back.

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I understand you were billed twice and that it should be corrected, but do you understand the deferred financing program? The INTEREST is deferred and not charged if you pay your total balance within the deferred period.

If you don't pay the full amount you will be charged the total amount of interest from day one.

They do not defer your payments. You still need to make a minimum payment every month and just making the minimum will not pay of your total before it is due.


Your reply would be in reference to someone who had an amount due. Their question was about a miss charge.

An incorrect charge.

A charge in error. Actually you did not answer the question or help them resolve the issue.


Going into the store and making phone calls isn't going to solve your problem. Put your complaint in writing to the credit company.

Let the know you have no intention of paying the second charge and why. You have a limited amount of time to protest a charge posted to your account.

To protect your credit, don't waste time in the store or on the phone. Send your letter today.