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Pulled a large pot of water download for me. Just had foot surgery.

In surgical shoe. Lowe's local staff treated me horribly. Water got into my Galaxy Note phone. Ruined the speaker.

Lowe's said no one saw me pill pot off shelf which had no roof.

Many employees saw me wet. Offered no help. Basically called a 67 year-old woman with a $10,000 credit limit with Lowe's a liar. Local mgmt unprofessional.

Efforts to contact corporate management through certified mail failed. Life long cust. Their loss.

Msny home projects planned to get house ready to sell. No wonder they sre closing stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

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I didnt quite understand your first sentence.


Ok so you got wet, so what. That’s called life.

It’s NOT their fault directly that you got yourself wet. Indirectly yes as it was on their property. But face reality that is a ACT OF GOD. No ones fault directly and some common sense on your part would have prevented the situation.

A open roof means rain will get in. If the pot was over your head then you should have had a employee get it for you. It’s not about your credit limit but your age does factor in. At your age you would think a smidge of common sense would apply.

Get over it because sometimes in life we have to live with the choices you have made. The only person you should be mad at is yourself. Trying to use your age, financial status, or any future potential purchases is not going to cause them to do anything but laugh at you.

You did this to yourself on their property. That doesn’t make it their fault.


Was this in an outdoor garden center where the rain can hit it? If so water is so meting you might expect to be in a pot you pull off the shelf. Just a fact of nature.