i have been working for a remerch company (mallard group) for around 7 years. now and recently found out that they will be doing a criminal back ground check and there remerch employees.

i feel this is a great thing to do. my company has been sending bad people to are crews lately. peolpe that have been in prison, people who do drug, and just your everyday trouble maker. my crew lead has had to fire plently of people of this crew for those reasons. i am very surprized that lowes corp lets these remerch company just hire anyone in to these stores.

i would hope lowes corp will take care of these problem so my family and i could shop in these stores.

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trust me...I have worked at a Lowes and I have witnessed countless employees under the influence. One of them is good friends with the store manager.

I am so glad I don't work there anymore. That place was filled with inbred rednecks and losers.


Go back to Mexico until you can clearly spell and communicate in ENGLISH. All the Remerch crews that I have seen are supposed to have been background checked and drug tested long before they go into the stores. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen fast enough and that's why a manager has to stay overnight with them to make sure they don't rob us blind.

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