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i bought a washer and dryer set 10-09-10 and i have a added five year warranty on it well September of 2011 the dryer broke so i started calling to get a copy of the receipt and have called several times and supposedly was put on top of the list in october because they still havent sent me the reciept through email which was only suppose to take up to 14 days the max and i am still waiting on the reciept and they have told me over and over that they have it under control and yet i am still waiting has tooken months and still nothing i will never go to lowes agian and want ever recommed this place to anyone this has been the worst experence ive ever had with a store and to dry my close it has cost me out the butt cause i have two little kids three yr old boy and six month old girl that dirties alot of clothes and its just not fair

Monetary Loss: $550.

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I bought a fridge at Lowe's two years ago, bought their extended warranty along with it. Both the appliance guy and the cashier told me I'd need to save the receipt and register my warranty online. I followed the instructions and when my fridge had problems they (Lowe's) fixed me up just fine.


lowes sells junk since ironman is the spokesman for lowes f.u. If they sell warranties they better keep track of the warranty just like the dealerships do and I have had them not honor receipts before.

They expect you not to do anything and very few do but they do this all day every day to people. Ill almost guarantee if you sue them they wont even show up to court and or probably refund your money just file in your county.


Why didn't you keep your receipt along with the warranty? Lowes has access to only the last 3 months, at which point, they must gather the information from you such as datae of purchase, item number, what tender was used etc.

They then send the info to the corporate office to get a copy of the receipt.

It takes time, especially when some dumb *** doesn't keep any records. Don't blame Lowes for your stupidity.