Barnegat Township, New Jersey

I bought a lawn mower at Lowes in Niles Michigan. I've used it 3 or 4 *.

I replace the rope in it 3 *. and the spark plug once. and the piece of *** still won't start. so I call Lowes.

tell them what's going on with the mower. they proceeded to tell me that there's nothing they can do with the mower and that I would have to bring it in and have it checked out then they tell me that they have to send it out to be checked out.

this is after the guy on the phone treats me like a *** since when is it that you buy something and you can't get it replaced when you go to return it. from now on I'm going to take my business and my money elsewhere

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Did you read the directions before using the mower? Figures


You *ARE* a *** if you think ANYONE can fix your mower over the phone.

Take it to the store and let someone see your problem with their own eyes, not how you're describing it.

Where did you get a new rope to put on 3X??? You had to leave the house for that, or did you use some inferior rope just laying around?

Also, there is such a thing as customer support, wait for it..... the MANUFACTURER. Did you call them???

Lowe's is a retail store. They sell items - not make them.


Just take the mower and your receipt back to your store. Go to customer service and tell them that you need the mower reparied.

They will send the item out for you to a licensed repair center and any warranty work needing to be done will be done. It is that simple.

It is not Lowes fault if there is a manufacturer's error. Why do people not get this?


Then take it elsewhere!! You will find retailers are getting tired of being bullied by entitled consumers.

It's time to take responsibility and stop acting like children. They offered to send it out for repair. Did you let them? decided to bash them for trying to help. Grow up!


I have heard this so many times. First of all do you think that Lowes builds the lawn mower?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the lawn mower not the retail store. If you we're to read the warranty and the instructions it would tell you not to contact the store but to contact the manufacturer.


LOL Readin g is optional these days :grin


Who's the Dumb***? Take time to read you warranty. The warranty covers repair on a lawn mower, it doesn't give you a replacement.