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We signed a contract with Lowe's here in Massachusetts to build a deck for us with an attached gazebo. The contracted price was $45,000.

Expensive, but it's made of Trex and the gazebo is custom. We signed the paperwork in May of 2018 and were told the project would begin in early June and take 3-4 weeks.

Fast forward one year - yes, ONE YEAR - and the deck was just completed a couple of weeks ago. The initial contractor they hired was a complete clown. He sent his least skilled workers to do the work, and by mid-July, they were showing up 1-2 days a week for about 4 hours, and they spent as much time sitting in their van talking as they did working.

This contractor screwed up the gazebo twice so badly that it had to be demolished and re-started.

Then we realized that he'd changed the plans for the gazebo without ever talking to us about it. Essentially, no work was done on our deck for nearly the entire month of August because this idiot was supposedly "waiting for the new plans". Gosh, I could have sworn we were building a gazebo, not a skyscraper. He also took the building permit off of our front door because it listed the multiple inspection failures his work had resulted in.

When the gazebo was finally "done" - in November!

- it was riddled with mistakes. I've attached pics of what it looked like. Unbelievably shoddy work. There were also numerous issues with the deck itself, specifically the finish work of the railings.

They also installed some white finish boards, which we did not want, without talking to us about it first.

Throughout the summer, we tried to contact regional project managers about these issues and were assured by the salesman who we worked with that they would get back to us. They never did. Nothing happened until I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, and I'm assuming that our deck would still be half done if I hadn't. We finally got some help from a customer service rep at the corporate HQ, although it took me sending him five emails full of pictures of the awful work that had been done for them to hire a new contractor.

We had requested a new contractor in August and were ignored until mid-November. As a result, the initial contractor continued to work and screw things up.

The second contractor was much better than the first, and he spent the winter fixing, as best he could, the absolute mess the first contractor made of this project. Some things are still not what we want them to be, such as the uneven framing of the gazebo roof. However, we noticed that once the spring arrived, we saw the second contractor less and less.

It's pretty obvious that Lowe's pays their subcontractors very poorly, as we were never a priority with either contractor when the weather was warm.

We spent much of April and May with the deck 90-95% done. Finally, earlier this month, it was finished. Again: One. Year.


At this point, I started to talk with the customer service rep at HQ about compensation. Our position was that our 1/3 down payment covered the initial cost of materials, and so we should not pay any more money, as that would mean paying for dishonest and incompetent labor. The materials and labor needed to repair this project should be on Lowe's, not us. We didn't have a say in who the initial installer was, and so we shouldn't be responsible for the costs of making repairs to his mistakes.

Further, the initial installer killed a large section of my front lawn because his workers left materials on it under a tarp for weeks, even though we asked them repeatedly to move them. The grass died and hasn't come back.

Lowe's idea of "fair compensation" was to forgive $15,000 of the price of the deck, meaning we'd still owe $15,000, and to do nothing to help us with lawn repairs.

We are in the process of consulting a lawyer about our legal or arbitration options, but that offer is a slap in the face.

If you are looking to have work done on your home, DO NOT USE LOWE'S!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Deck Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Lowes Cons: Time it took and the quality of the work done.

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