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Bought Heater & Extended Warranty on 1/29/14 for $114 and change. Cashier told me the heater would be covered for a year for replacement if anything happened to it.

It ran great for 2-1/2 months or so. Put it away for summer. Got it out end of Sept. It ran ok for a day and then started not working sporadically.

Would come on sometimes and not others or just quit working at anytime. this went on for about two weeks before I unplugged it due to fear of fire etc.

I returned it to Lowes on 12/3/14 for replacement. they told me the Extended warranty was a Manufacturer warranty so they could do nothing. The service desk puts me on with Lowes customer Service - they take all my info - then call the Manf.

then come back to me and tell me there is nothing they can do but it is covered by the Manufacturer and they will connect me to the Rep. at the Manf. So I get put on hold - 1-2 min. later automated voice asks me which Dept.

I want etc. The Lowes C.S. person had not connected me but rather just dialed the Manf. Customer Service number and left me hanging.

So after a 10-15 min. wait at on hold while using the Lowes CS phone the Manf. Rep comes on and I have to start all over again - all my info - what was wrong etc. They give me a number and tell me a tech.

rep will call me within 48 hours to help me get it running. ???? No replacement - just MAJOR hassles- I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN. Both the Cashier that sold me the EXT.

War. and the Customer Service person lied- out right lied to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You meed to understand how these warranties work. They are an extended warranty that starts AFTER the manufacturer warranty ends.Your heater is still under the manufacturer warranty which apparently calls for service. Once the manufacturer warranty ends the replacement warranty kicks in.