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In or around 2006 we bought the edge precision tile system from LOWES for our kitchen floor that has 2 hallways with 1 going to our front door & the other going into a bathroom & then our laundry room.

It says it has a 20 year warranty,well our floor looks like it is 20 years old already!

cracks are everywhere & our 5 year old tile floor looks disgusting to say the least.....

No one will even talk to us about it at the store......

I will not spend 1 red cent in that store for the rest of my life,that is a promise!

Confused but totally pissed off by this whole situation,spreading the word 1 website at a time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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The Edge Tile was a HORRIBLE product. Good idea, bad engineering.

Never saw an installation that didn't crack afterwards.

Biggest issues were rolling heavy things across them with hand trucks. You could see exactly where the hand truck travelled just by the following the cracks!