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I received an email, welcoming me to Lowes as a new hire. I did not apply.

I worked for you for 21 and a half years, only to be fired for what was called a safety

Violation, by an incompetent manager, that didnt like me, because, I called him on his wrongful decisions. Twenty one years, and never a disciplinary action, then boom! Fired for what the rouge management decided was a safety violation! I want nothing from your corporation.

Found out why so many people hate Lowes when I simply needed an email showing end of benefits, so I could secure insurance for my FAMILY! Your customer service is an oxymoron! Adam Reece is the worst manager Ive worked for, and I thank you very little for the slap in the face email!! Lose my info, which you did so well when I tried to provide coverage for my Family!

I have done my best to try and make this

a professional, and adult email, yet, Im sure I failed at some point, in Lowes eyes! 21 + years, and Im cast away after carrying so many useless associates along the way!! You, Lowes, are the worst, and I wish you nothing but to reap what you sow!!!

Do not email or try and contact me in any way! Look into your manager Adam Reece!

Good Day.

Preferred solution: Demote Adam Reece. My termination was personal, not professional! He treats store like his own personal playground!.

Lowes Pros: Product and price.

Lowes Cons: Poor service and rude employees.

Location: 150 River James Shopping Center, Madison Heights, VA 24572

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Why did you think it was your place to call anyone out on anything? If you worked that long , something was wrong with you that you did not advance! You needed to keep your mouth shut!!

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