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So, yet another email ignored. And your installed called again today so I know there is no communication.

PLEASE read the below thread, starting at the bottom, from me to Lowes. And please look at the dates.

Amazing!! I'm assuming my email was ignored. I received a call today from someone wanting to install my screen door.

After I told you that I was done. And over a month after the door arrived at Lowe's. Again, I would like a refund. Again, I am done with the door and with Lowe's.


From: Julia Roberts

Sent: Saturday, May 1, 2021 2:21:16 PM

To: CustomerCare@***.com

Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Patio door

Good afternoon

As a reminder, Mike had called me on 3/18 and let me know that the door would arrive in 14 days.

Here's an update-

4/8/21 - Recorded message from Lowes stating my order was ready for pickup.

4/15 - I received another call saying the door was in and the Lowes contractor would call me by 4/19 and if I didn't hear from them to call the Parker Lowes.

5/1 - No word from anyone.

Yes, I can call and follow up, nag, whatever but I'm tired of following up. If there was a way for me to return the patio door, I would.

Please pass along the message to Millworks that I'm done. I no longer want anything replaced. I no longer want anything to do with Lowes.

The people in the Millworks department have been very positive to speak with but I question the Lowes customer service process.

I wish I could request a partial refund based on my time and disappointment. Instead, our large purchases will be bought elsewhere. I know our lack of business with Lowes won't hurt the company or stock but I'll feel better.

Thank you for listening-

Julie Roberts


From: CustomerCare@***.com

Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 11:15 AM

To: julia_312@***.com

Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] Patio door


Thank you for giving Lowes an opportunity to respond to your concerns over your experiences with our Parker CO store. I apologize for the issues experienced with your patio door installation and lack of communication provided by the installation team.

I understand your concerns.

I have escalated your experience to the Parker CO stores Senior Management team. Please allow 24 hours for the Senior Management team to contact you and address your concerns and provide resolution.

Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to address your concerns and rebuild your confidence in Lowes as your first choice for all your home improvement needs. If you need additional assistance, feel free to reply or contact our Lowes Store Support Center at 800-445-****. Our hours of operation are Monday Sunday, 8:30 a.m.

7:00 p.m. EST.

Thank you,

Paul G

Customer Experience Professional


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From: julia_312@***.com

Sent: 3/16/2021 01:12:02 PM

To: "customercare@***.com"

Subject: [EXTERNAL] Patio door


Hi. On 5/21/20, I ordered and paid for a new patio door. It was finally installed on 7/3/20.

I am still waiting a replacement screen door and glazing (the original glazing was damaged, per the installer).

I've called several times and was told everything is ordered.

Any idea how much longer this will be? Extremely disappointed in the customer service at the Parker location.

Thank you

Julie Roberts


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Location: Englewood, Colorado

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I feel bad for you. There was a world crisis with Covid and people died. Yet you are worried about a silly door!

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