2 times in the past month at lowes in franklin ky, we have been treated like our business did not matter. About 3 weeks ago we wanted to build our kids a swingset, Went to local lowes bought lumber, swings, chains went to get slide and a frame brackets, they were out.

Found employee ask about pieces we needed to build swingset they said well were out we might need to order 2 so we can keep one on shelf. Went back 4 times in 2 weeks no slide, no brackets, we were told slide and brackets would be there in less than a week, After 2 weeks of sitting on lumber I had to buy brackest off Ebay and get slide at bowlinggreen home depot, 25 miles away.

Today 8/17/13 just got back from our unfriendly lowes. I went to buy 2 1 inch bolts, 2 lock washers and 2 nuts.

I also bought some weedeater string, got to register rung up string went to ring up bolts employee asked what size I told her and she acted Like I was lying. She spent about 15 seconds looking for numbers and asked me if I would go get her an item number.

what the ***, I don't werk there, I told her just to forget it bought line anyway went to TSC bought bolts came home and finished project. It seems like if you cant help them do their job you don't matter, Should not be that way the customer pays their salary, I guess they forgot that.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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that always happened when i was working a register. my store had a basket full of little baggies right in the aisle for nuts and bolts that you could write on with the provided markers. there was a sign: "please use baggies and mark with item numbers andor sizes!".

cut to angry customers cussing me out the entire time as i look up and match 8 different flavors and sizes of nuts and bolts in my magical blue binder because they couldn't be bothered to write the numbers down themselves.

just because someone works a register, it doesn't mean they're the masters of boltitem number clairvoyance.


Are you serious?

"what the ***, I don't werk there." "Should not be that way the customer pays their salary, I guess they forgot that."

Look at those two statements you made ^^. I won't address the first one. The second one you could not be more wrong about. Lowe's pays their salary not 1 customer.

to Heartless #807171

Lowes makes money from its customers so the customers do pay the associates at Lowes.

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