Guyton, Georgia

My husband is a combat Vietnam veteran. We were having trouble with the footplate on his wheelchair. Jared came and checked out the footplate and went and found various tools to help secure the footplate. He was wonderful. He went way out of his way to secure the right tools to solve the problem with the plate.

His patience, politeness and professionalism is to be highly commended.

My husband left the store delighted that he now could fix the problem when it occurs at home.

We cannot thank Jared enough for his super work.

Teresa & Richard Bender



PS I hope that I am using the right spot to compliment Jared. :)

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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while the compliment is nice to see you really shouldn't put your phone # on it or email as you're just begging to be harassed.


Don't tell Corporate! They'll probably fire him because he didn't make any money off of you!


Suggest you contact the store's management/corporate office directly. I doubt anyone who works for Lowe's will see it here.