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I've been employed with Lowe's since 1996. After 5 years I decided to try something else but didn't work out so after 5 mo.

I had been rehired and have been with them since then. Now I feel like my job is at risk for (1) not being able to sell the Extra Protection Plans or EPPs. I've sold some but evidently my rate of selling these to the customers is very low. Believe me when I say that I have offered the plan to the customers but few and far between have wanted to purchase them.

I work in the proservices area so many of the customers do not want to spend their bosses money, I guess. It is very difficult to sell these plans to these contractors, etc. I've been called on the carpet for not selling them so my work area (front end) has been changed much to my disappointment. I've asked around and and there are also cashiers that haven't sold any of at all.

(2) I had my cphone on me and was called out about that. Almost all of the cashiers use them while at work! even the head cashiers. If any comes back to cover that's what they get out of their vest pocket is their phone!

I am not responsible for anyone but myself but at the same time I feel singled out for some reason. I've been at that store for 15 maybe 16 years. Know a lot of the workers that come in there and I know for a fact they'll not like this cashier being moved. All of this might sound petty to you whoever is reading this but I'm actually worried sick.

I don't know why or understand why this is happening to me. I can't quit or leave and I am scared!!!

Is there some way someone can shed a light on this situation. Thank you

Reason of review: Emplyment related.

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no, the issure I am referring to (7July) has not been resolved. I am still at the area where they, my managers, thought I'd do best at (their perception).

I've just decided to do my best at where they scheduled me after all main thing it is a job for me. I've learned the necessary job for the lumber and proservices area but am not able to use this knowledge as far as the contractors/workers is concerned. They have scheduled cashiers to work the area and it is a way for them to learn these contractors/workers don't have the patience for the people to take the time to learn.

Although I have a set time to go in and work and I do get the weekends off which doesn't mean that much to me. I am more than grateful for the time off don't get me wrong but have things personally that I need to take care of that I can't while I'm working everyday of the week....and weekends places are closed......thanks for being there.


Lowe's Protection Plans are not for items that will be used commercially. They shouldn't even be sold to contractors.


our manager isn't "user friendly". many have left or has been made like they need to leave...not good morale in the workplace