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Today I went to Lowes to get some moving supplies and paint samples. We are finally moving into a home and I can't wait to do lots of DIY projects!

I am 26, a woman, and I have blonde hair. I came alone and wandered around for like 30 minutes, not once did anyone ask me if I needed help finding anything. I started looking for someone to help me. It seemed like at every turn I got dismissed from help or someone was faster to speak up, so there I was lost in the store.

I picked up a black phone and called customer service, I asked the lady where the moving boxes were and she said "at the end of seasonal, on the way out the door.". Ok great, I finally had directions. Nope. Got lost again.

Couldn't find it. Asked James for directions to the moving boxes and he said, "oh I'm trying to load up a lawnmower for a customer on the loading dock.". He didn't have time to point or go "that way" but he could tell me that. Lost again.

I tried to catch a lady with red hair, she looked at me and turned a corner really fast as to dodge me. Then finally I got frustrated, went to the end of seasonal near the door and picked up another black phone to ask for help. It was behind a computer desk and not a single employee was in sight. I told the lady that was crazy that no one was at the computer that anyone could just walk up and do whatever they wanted and that's wasn't safe.

She then said she would get someone. Thats went Victor showed up. First thing he says is "I wish she would touch the computer, I'd smash her face in." OMG WHAT! All I wanted was a point in the direction od the boxes and packing tape.

I told him I didn't think that was very nice and it was rude and he said, "what it's the truth, ive said worst to customers." he did show me where the boxes were and I got the feeling he only said it because of my age.

I couldn't believe he spoke like that to me and it didn't even phase him or bother him. I said "I bet you wouldn't talk to a man like that." and he said "yes I woul

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You sound like a psychopath and a ***. You can't just go around to a store using their phones and going behind computer terminals because you want to.

I get that you think you are the most important person on the planet and everyone should drop what they are doing to help you, but you are not. Sorry, but people were before you and they have priority when they need their law mower loaded.

The redhead was probably in the middle of helping somebody else and didn't need some self important *** bothering them at the expense of somebody else. People managed to circumnavigate the globe using the position of the sun, go use your head next time instead of wandering around like a child crying for help.


Acctually the manager called me and said that he would use this as a training tool. No, a 70 yr old *** is not my former boyfriend. I don't know what happened with the guy if he was fired or not.


Joe you would fall for everything, it later turned out that Victor was her former boyfriend and she was stalking him and she just made it up to get him into trouble and he never threatened her.


On Memorial Day my wife and I decided to go shopping for a long awaited home improvement to replace our entire kitchen and flooring for the first floor in our home. In other words we are starting to remodel our home.

We walked into the Lowes Robinson Town Center store near Pittsburgh, excited over the prospects of what we could do, and check book in hand. That is until we met Bob in the kitchen area. Who was introduced to us as the Kitchen and Flooring Expert. He was not only condisending, but he was rude.

He treated us like we were dumb and was less than helpful. I am no EXPERT when it comes to home improvement. That is why I went to Lowes. My wife and I were with my inlaws.

My father in law is a stroke victim and we brought him in his wheel chair. Did he think we weren't serious? He treated us like ***! We all felt so put off by this man's treatment that we walked out of the store after he decided to take a personal cell phone call.

We will be taking our business somewhere else. Its a shame. We were prepared to do a one stop shop for our needs. We also plan on replacing the upstairs bathroom this year.

Lowes will not be an option. We will be visiting the Home Depot this week. I am certain they will want to do business with us. With today's economic climate, it amazes me that people in business allow their employees to behave this way.

Too bad the show "Undercover Boss" hasn't been in to that Robinson Store. In the meantime, I tried calling the Lowes store to voice my displeasure. I called 3 times for a manager, only to have it ring forever.

Companies like this do not deserve my business. Bad service all the way around!


its very simple, go to a owner/operater typeof store. I have worked for 25 years it retail and all that the big box stores have done is lower the consumers expectations of what service is before,during and after the sale.

Wake up, you not saving anything...be a regular at a local store, get to be known and seen. Shop local and support your owner/operaters!


I'd have him fired then sued for assault.