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I found a jacuzzi that someone had special ordered in Lowes in Jonesboro, AR, that was marked way down because the customer didn't take it after it came in. I decided to purchase the jacuzzi and asked a employee to help me get it to the checkout desk.

The boy was nice and told me that was a great buy, but he could not move it by himself. He asked another employee to help him take it to the front for me. The second boy came over to help him and I heard him say he couldn't believe that jacuzzi had been marked down so much then he told the first employee for him to wait because that jacuzzi maybe already sold. He then got on the phone and I heard him telling the person he was talking to that there was a great buy on a jacuzzi just like the one they wanted.

After I heard him say that, I said this jacuzzi is already sold because I'm buying it. When I said that he knew we could hear him talking so he left while still talking on the phone. The first guy told me that he couldn't do that because there wasn't a sold sign on it and he probably saw that is was a good buy and decided he wanted someone else to have it. He then found someone else to help him move the jacuzzi to the checkout desk for me.

It had already been rain up and I had paid for it with my credit card when that boy came up and told the checkout clerk that I could not buy that jacuzzi because it was already sold. The checkout clerk then told me that she was sorry and would credit my credit card. I told her no that there was no sold sign on it and what had happened but she went ahead and credited my card and told me again she was sorry. I asked to speak to the manager so she got on the phone and called someone and told me it would be just a minute so I waited 35 mins and I never saw a manager.

In the mean time the boy that wanted the jacuzzi had someone help him move it to the side and he placed a sold sign on it. I decided that I had waited long enough and would just go home and call the manager so I did. I did get to talk to the manager and tell him what happened and he said there was nothing he could do about it because the jacuzzi had a sold sign on it and was waiting on someone to pick it up. I even told him to check out the time that the transaction was made on my card when I paid for it and then check what time the other person had actually paid for it and he would find that I had already purchased it before the other person had actually come in to the store to pay for it.

He just blew me off still saying there wasn't anything he could do about it. I will never buy anything else at Lowes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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i work at lowes and thats pretty messed up. You should have stood up for yourself a little more.

I wouldnt have left.

You should have told them what you overheard. Ive never run into that problem the 6 years i have worked customer service.


The Lowes in Jonesboro, AR


which Lowe's was this?