i received a gift card from lowes 2 days before I went to make a purchase. Cashier said there was only 6 cents left on card and asked to throw it away.

I said there was $100 on that card and I have a receipt and everything. After she realized that she was not going to get away with my card, she said that there was $99.94 on the card. Ended up being a full $100 on that card after checking.

She was acting very suspicious and strange. Lowes needs better employees in there stores and I'm never buying anything from there again, after knowing what the employees are like.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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And did you get that employee's name and report it to management? If not, you deserve what you got because you are not doing your part.

Most employees (at all retail stores) are only part-time now, no benefits, no job security. There are no commissions on sales at Lowe's now. In any position that handles money, you will find *some* people are there to try to steal some.

If there is nothing in the employee's interview, nothing in the background, & not positive for drugs, there is no reason to not hire that employee. $10/hr and no benefits isn't enough wage to attract really high caliber people, other than students and retirees who have other means of support.


excuses excuses, the person was a thief, it doesnt matter how much they make , thats not an excuse. Lowes store are terrible, their employees are lazy creeps who steal and would walk over top of you and still not try to help u with a purchase. That is not the fault of the consumer, that is the fault of the store management.


I didn't see anyone making an excuse. Just an explanation of the facts.

If the person with the gift card didn't bring it to the attention of the store manager how is this thief going to be stopped? Running home and posting on a web site won't stop this person from doing it again.


Lowes employees act the way they do because most of the people that shop there are a bunch of ***!