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I was getting measurements for my contractor of bathroom sinks a large pediestal and a small guest room. I was told "your plumber is dumb all sinks are the same". I then asked for help anyways to make sure.

The employee started throwing sinks and toilets 16 feet away and when I tried to run I got hurt. As I left, he then threw and crashed over 20 other sinks, toiltes etc. I was running to get help. The sound was terrifying. All I could think was he had gone crazy "postal or culinbine". The store employees from the nursery area at the other end of the store came running and could hear the crashing.

I asked the store manager to call the police she wouldn't "we'll handle it in house"? The man was crazy? I was up front by the cash registers crying and getting a cold pack for my leg. Still requesting the police. I was again denied the right to get a police officer. Now LOWES says nothing happened and only one sink fell. Oh! by the way Lowes says "there are no cameras in the store" and I need witnesses? The whole store heard the crashing. There were witnesses. Store employees were directed into a group for discussion and hushed. We saw all of this.

So who protects the consumer from irate employees when the store wants to cover it up? If an employee does go "postal or crazy" who protects the consumer. Who protects the cvictim from and over worked, pressured employee? NO one the store is only worried about liabiliy and coverup. AND they lie that there are no cameras in the store areas or the cash register areas. COME ON GUYS there had to be cameras in case you are robbed.... DUH! I now tell everyone that you are not safe in their stores and I no longer shop there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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it was YOUR store JERRY.


Guys, the reason he did not call the police is because he is making it up and knows that they police will charge him with making a false report and wasting their time. He could have easily went to a pay phone and dialed 911, it is free to call for emergancy.

He is either doing this for laughs or she was fired from Lowes.

Maybe she or he is the one that was on steroids or worse and got fired for drug abuse. This whole letter spells drug user.


That's insane. I'm a good sized 215 pound man and those things are a pain just to pick up and put on a truck...

Doubt it's true, but if it was you call the police yourself the first chance you get.

There's cameras and other customers in the store. It would be a pretty open and shut case if something crazy like that happened, lol.


Why is this incident not on the news? Why are you the only person reporting it?

If many people witnessed it as you say there would be many people saying the same thing. I don't believe a word you say. Why didn't you call the police yourself? No cell phone?

Leave and call from home, pay-phone, nearby business. Why didn't anyone call the police? I am a contractor and frequent Lowes and HD, I carry a cell phone as does many (most) lowes customers, but none of them called?

If this happened and made as much noise as you say, and there were that many witnesses, I AM SURE that a number of them would have had cell phones and could have called. But oh yeah, it never happened...


Oh my god! This is horrible...steroid raging employees...And oh my god! They only hire people from Culinbine...and btw WHAT IS THAT?

Did I miss something in the bill of rights? Cause I do not remember that it says you have a right to use someone else's phone to call the police when SUPER HUMAN employees launch 75-125lb items SUPER HUMAN lengths at you.

Every Lowe's must be like this...LOOK OUT comes Lowe's to kill you with TOILETS AND SINKS! And if you don't get nicer, maybe they'll throw a vanity cabinet or a TRACTOR at you.

A word of advice...don't shop in a grocery store...that may be where he gets his next job...oh god the thought of having turkeys launched at you from 200 ft away...

All of these things are just as easy to throw 16 feet away.


If you ask me, the only way a person could throw a toilet 16 ft would be if they were using steroids......which would explain the sudden anger the employee showed (roid rage). It sounds like the police didn't need to be involved here....this is a case that needs to be investigated by the United States Senate....maybe then something will get done.

Some advice for you.....a basic cell phone plan costs what? 10, 15 per month.

If you have a cell phone, you don't have to ask someone to call the simply get it out of your pocket and dial 9-1-1. Makes things simple and throwing toilets.


Yes you can throw a toilet 16 ft what was the store #


Sounds to ME like a bunch of *** PLEASE, throwing toilets 16 ft, !!?? FIRST, I work at a home improvement store and throwing toilets 16 ft.

isn't possible. 2nd, if you had to listen to all the whining from *** like you, you'd be throwing the toilets AND the *** with them. Get a frickin' life !

...oh yeah, having cameras that cover every inch of a 125,000 sq.ft.

building wouldn't be possible, unless you had, uh, maybe 1000 - ***. But I'm sure they were lying! I'm sure they were trained in on the Toilet Dept.

just in case an employee goes postal. (and it's Columbine)


And which Lowes was this?