Mooresville, North Carolina
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I think Lowe's employees are treated poorly unless u kiss *** or u are a favorite they treat them like dirt! I think it should be investigated and have people see how they are treated!

It is a shame that they work so hard and treated so bad!!! This an issue I saw a manager yell at an employee on the floor with imbarrissment to the employee!!! This employee was in tears and wanted to quit working at at the company!

Lowe's of Palm Desert is famous for this! I want this taken care of or I will report this to the labor board!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: How the employees are treated!.

Lowes Cons: How the treat thier employees, Unprofessional managers and contracors.

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That happens at every Lowes I work at one and we are treated like ***!!! I was told today by my boss on the sales for not hello how are you but do you like working here cause you get on my nerves and are lazy and I wish you would quit !!! I love my job, and have always took pride in my work !!!


Lowes was once a decent place,wall street cut all benefits and is fine as a pass through job,never a career.Take the job,you will find something better,it is like fast food jobs.


You obviously have an attitude which precludes your ever obtaining a good job. Good luck in life.


Go ahead and contact the labor board. Ask them if embarrassing an employee is actionable.