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Altho I like Lowes, I'm upset with the store in Meridian, MS. I purchased a small item, just an outdoor faucet for a garden hose.

It had a large security tag attached via a steel cable. After paying for it, I asked the cashier if they could remove the security device and she said "No". When I pressed her on it, she told me they could remove it at the Lumber checkout. Got down there & they said they couldn't do it.

What?? So it looks like I've stolen it as I leave, & I have to get wire cutters too now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Maybe the store in Meridian, MS could have cashiers that bother to try to help. .

Lowes Cons: Unwilling to help, Gave us the run around.

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I went to homedepot and and i bought a pair of gloves and i asked them to take the red security tag that read (SECURITY DEVICE) off and they said they can't take it off and if you the alarms sounds your fine


you need to get over yourself.