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I have worked for only two firms in lancaster,pa for a total of 40 yrs. I now find out that Lowes and other big companies feel Im to old to be of any help so I tell lancaster companies go to ***!

My time has come to legally push issues with these firms,65 isnt that old I have many talents as do others my age just give us a chance!Im also a viet-nam veteran ,but it still didnt do me any good .9 times I was turned down by Lowes for a better and younger canidate, and the younger one stsys only for a short time ,but LOWES AND OTHER CORPS. DONT CARE JUST HIRE MORE

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Greenville, Mississippi, United States #607990


Feeling age discrimination can have a heavy sting. I work for Lowes as well, and I am 65. There are others where I work that are older than I am. It is not the company, it is the store. The company realizes that there is an advantage in hiring those of us over the age of insurance costs and we come from a generation that is on time and honest.

Don't let it get you down brother.

to twowilies Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #608164

Thanks Twowilies I needed that !

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