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I was an employee at Lowe's. I have a bad back.

When my back started acting up, I asked to take a leave of absence because I was no longer able to do the job because of my back. They agreed to this, so I started my leave of absence. Next thing I know, I'm no longer employed at Lowe's. When I inquired about it, I was told that part time employees were not allowed leaves of absence.

Well, why did you tell me I could take one if that's your policy.

Honestly, Lowe's is a very bad place to work. Personally, I hope they go bankrupt.

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Mr. or Mrs. Lowe's,

You are some kind of Hippocrates. Being an ASM you are fully aware of the line that is drawn in Lowe's by the fundamental attitude of the upper management to our employees. If you refuse to admit it exists, then you are a perfect example of why there is a negative response by so many employees.

Years ago it was rare to have an employee complain about pay being unfair for their work requirements. This was because we would hire individuals based, truly on their ability to explain and the knowledge they could offer. Our Sale's team was, until 6 years ago, more respected and encouraged to perform than the department Manager or team lead. The reason is because we held a greater value on being a truly sales oriented culture.

We wanted and needed individuals who could work with multiple vendors, be responsible for everything with that area of the department while the other individuals were responsible for support and over all stock product. These individuals were called "specialist" for a reason and often made more than the lower manager positions as well as some upper (dependant on location and store) because we all relied on them. They would only be responsible to answer to the Sales Mg. Ops. Mg. or Store Mgr. Lowe's as a "family" culture was able to experience far more employee and vendor satisfaction then it currently rates. Once we adopted the "Dictator Mg Style" it has been unavoidably on a decline. We simply can't offer our customers the same type of service, without having a willingness to lean on and support and properly manage individuals whom are able to develop relationships with customers and have the motivation (spiffs and or bonus), freedom (no pressure from employees to keep them from customer tasks), and respect they all deserve.

Upper management will continue to sacrifice customer focus for their bonus because our system is no longer a "checks and balances" system in order to promote the best overall business satisfaction. This new direction seems terrific on paper, however, having so few individuals decide what is best for every store in every culture (Dictatorship not Leadership) is stripping us of our overall appreciation to the communities we service.

So, here's a suggestion, next time you are in you "upper" mangment meeting, try to convince yourselves that the store would end up fuctioning better if we actually filled every spot that is alocated by your matrix. STOP cutting out the man hours to help your bonus. One day there will be a return of a concept where we had to release 3/4s of all store managment because of the addiction that they had developed in sacrificing customer service for there "Fake earned" bonus. I would completely support that to occure again. as well as the reversal of this new failed focus to better our numbers at our slacking on our customers. We continue to digg *** that we may not be able to climb out of.


The negativity that some of you guys have is unreal. If you are that unsatisfied with your job find a new one lowes did not come looking for you you came looking for thankful and greatful you have a job and are able to work.

I am an asm and i have been through every position and if your not succeeding its something your doing not the company. Everything begins on the frontlines and has an impact on tje business it makes me sad to see so much negativity and you blame everyone but yourself take a step back and look in the miror and make a difference instead of being the one in the break room gossiping. Be a part of the solution not the problem.

Things could always be a lot worse and you need to understand that we all have oppurtunity we are human not robots so dont set your expextations to perfect. Look at what your team does not what they dont do.


Terrible grammar and punctuation. This is the epitome of the type of people Lowe's deems fit for promotion.


I did get a new job. Now I'm making more than you scrub ASMs.


Reasons the people may be unsatisfied with there jobs and complaining. Well maybe they love where they work and they want to make a difference.

And maybe the feel the ASM is not meeting there standards. And they would like you to remove yourself from the company. So they can have an excellent work environment. Free from a managers that fail.

And you are not being a solution when you are posting on here.

This is gossiping. And yes you to have contributed.


But when the people in the "clique" that are not as qualified get the positions it's a little hard to handle. Especially when it happens over and over again in all departments. They are taking food out of my kids mouth, Would be one thing is it was just me saying it but when the majority of the store thinks it should have been me it's a little hard to give a rats *** about this place.


I to am a lowes employee and a lot of the times the Ams don't do anything but sit in there office and ride there employees *** just to see how far they can push before they quit. Well u got one man doing the job of 4 MEN that's why LOWES employees moral is down


Actually Part time employees dont really have any rights, it doesnt matter who the employer is. If you take a personal and not a medical leave, they can let you go. (its different from state to state as well)

I believe one should always call the HR department and get clarification before they make any move that affects their livelihood




Those of you claiming Lowes is cutting "high" earners in favor of lower paid employees are wrong. Under the new pay rate advisor lowes is paying more to employees in the way of compensation based on experience related to the position.

Lowes former pay was decided on a pay scale and where a manager wanted to put you on that pay scale. Lowe' s as a company has made starting salaries much more favorable to experienced candidates.

Lowe's is a speciality retailer looking to attract 'qualified' applicants for specialty positons who can address customer needs and support a selling culture. Those who complain about this usually have little experience related to the position and little work background related to the field, therefore are compensated fairly.

@A Man Who Knows

I dont know what store you work at but at my store there are new employees with no experience who are starting out making more than people who have been there... same position...

for years. I have been a dept. manager for over 3 years & a part-time person was made the full-time LNS, with no experience, has been employeed in this store for 1/4 of the time I have been there & is making more than. 50/ hour than I am.

Oh... and for the past 2 years I have been the only dept mgr. for all 5 depts in zone 3. Fair?

*** no!!

Legal? I'm gonna find out!!


That's because you need to quit and get rehired to go through the pay rate advisor. Another possibility is to stop being negative and sour, get promoted and be put through the pay rate advisor.

With an attitude like that you should go work for someone else.

We are all spread thin, suck it up and get paid more. It's simple.


I'm curious as to the attitude you are referring too? If some one expressing concern for the unfair treatment, he or she, may have received and your response is advising someone to quit and get rehired; how are you able to maintain a positive support focus for our customers?

Contrary to your advise, we encourage employees to voice their concerns so we can be actively involved in helping support a work place with a better morale for everyone. We can't help if we are never informed.


the return policy stinks.. you steal stuff then return it to a different store and get a merchandise card.

then sell it for 50 or 60 % cash value...scums are making thousands a week doing this. lowes wont let us stop then,, in most cases they even know their names


I am very happy you can figure the math out. I have check stubs to prove my claim.

Yes it is 43k a year 40hr weeks are 39 as you should know. I was a zone or asm for 3 years and know the pay scale well. I started in 2000 at close to 30k. Worked into a dept manager then to zone.

stepped down from zone to specialist. Company plant or not. I do a job the company sees value and pays me what I am worth for the job. Onto the next part.

Yes I agree the high earners will be phased out. You are 100% right with the claim. I will likely be canned someday in the future but for now I will continue to take their money and do my job. When the day comes that they fire me for making too much money I will walk out gladly and then will sue the pants off of the company for wrongful dismissal.

There are laws against that type of thing. Would be like firing me for being of a race they dont like. From what I am seeing though they are making where people just want to quit.

Sadly this will only effect their precious *** wall street pigs when the customers go back to the ma and pop stores for knowledge as the drooling *** kids making 8 bucks an hour stand there with blank faces knowing nothing... So yeah call me a plant but this plant has deep roots and am gonna hold out as long as I can.....


13 years, you are full of something or your a company plant, $22 an hour would equate to 45K a year ( 40 hour week X 52 weeks), not even an MOD makes that, Assistant manager start at 30-35K depending on the location. Lowes plan for the next five years is to phase out half of its full time employees on the selling floor ( most notably the higher earners, $12-14 per hour) and replace them with part timers ( no benefits to pay out), this is not a made up thing, it was approved by senior management and the shareholders, also there was a Lowes press release and a an article in Business-week in Jan or Feb of 2011.

@Former Lowes Employee

Wrong maybe they tell you they make 35k but I am an ASM at lowes and my base salary is 67k with a 30percent bonus on my salary for hitting sales goals plus my benifits are amazing so you obviously didnt ask for enough money are were not worth it.

@Company Man

This is basically the only accurate post on this wall...


I'm not sure why this site censored my post. I didn't say anything obscene...

Lowe's won't allow me to leave work for a short time to have a surgery. So screw them. Even Walmart of all places let me leave for a week and a half when I wanted to visit family.

Lowe's sucks. They have no idea how to take care of their good employees


Lowe's won't allow me to *** for a surgery. *** them.

Even Walmart of all places let me *** a week and a half when I wanted to visit family. Lowe's sucks.