Was approached, after 6 months, that there was attendance problem. What was not taken into consideration was that someone had changed my schedule numerous times and had me coming in all hours that were contradictory to my actual schedule.

I was never informed that I was to dispute these changes and the person who was changing my schedule was the very one who stated they were taking care of the changes. So now there is a write up regarding the attendance and somehow I have to try and document the changes in the schedule for 6 months. This is what I call overload and overboard. Lowes is a wonderful company with poor people who go against the grain of Lowes and make up their own policies and procedures.

They feel they can do what they want and they themselves can make another person's life miserable and NEVER get caught. Unfortunately, alot of larger companies, who have hired the complicated people never do catch up with any of them until it is too late.

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