Jesup, Georgia
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I'm tired of my older family members having to lift boards, flooring, etc. The employs are there walking by the end of the isles and don't give a ***.

There not busy just making time. Seems like every dept. you go in you have to beg for help. Most of the time they never come.

Seems like I need to take my business somewhere else. When I do I'll take family and friends with me. If your going to work at Lowes then work at lowes don't just go to hang out.

If a person needs help then you should help them. Then again the employs aren't the only ones to blame they do have a boss.

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why are your older family members going to get boards, flooring, etc? lowes is a diy warehouse, so are the older family members the ones doing the work?

if they are doing the work, what's the problem? they're going to have to get it out of their car or truck when they get home.

like every other business, I'm sure that lowes has downsized their staff and the ones there are overworked and doing the best they can. why don't YOU go get the stuff for them?

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