I went to Lowes in Enid Oklahoma to pickup a tool and was told Enid store had it. No they didnt and asked if I wanted to order it?

I told them to forget it. But what really got me mad was waiting an hour to have someone help me. Shell,thats what her tag read,tried to help me but spent more tim. TWO hours latterI I walked out of the store empty handed but I did get her# but never called.

Is this normal protocal if you dont have what I need ? Iam not used to being caught by surprise like that when I am in a hurry with work.

Tell Shell that she was nice but not that nice. Displin her or any employee that acts like that I was really uncomfortable about that.

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That's not a reason to p iss and moan.She did what she could for you.At least she tried.Your being a #rick.

Dallas, Texas, United States #809514

3hrs = 15 min in retail time


So you want her to be disciplined for trying to help you? So you spent 3 hours there?

C'mon... B u l l s h i t !

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