Paterson, New Jersey
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I ordered a door in the Paterson store...paid for it in full...they said door would be in on the 30 I went to the store personally got the run aroundsaid it was delayed because of the holidays. It now would be in onthe.

3rd of Dec. I gave a contracted who was ready to install my door but no door...called the store now they are saying theme unacceptable...contractor is now charging time....if no answer tomorrow I want a redound....the people at the store were so nasty....will not be shopping there ever

Monetary Loss: $500.

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The title of your complaint contains eta. This is ESTIMATED time of arrival.

Never schedule a contractor based on an eta. Wait until you have the product to set an installation date.

This is true whether you buy the product at Lowes, Home Depot or a small lumber yard. If they are not making it in a shop out back there is no way they can guarantee a delivery date.