My husband and I ordered some supplies for a bathroom remodel due to mold in December. It was to arrive February 1st.

We hired a contractor and waited over a month. On Feb 1st, lowes called to say they were sorry but the order was never placed. Apparently someone put in a wrong number and failed to call the company to verify the order. They said they would place the order again immediately and try to get faster shipping at their expense.

ONE WEEK LATER lowes called to get our credit card number again. We asked why. They were GETTING READY to place the order. Now it would be here in 3 weeks and they could not tell us why it did not get placed a week prior.

In the meantime, we would call once or twice weekly and they would confirm definite delivey date set for 3 weeks. In the day it was set to arrive we called again. It still wasn't in and no one was sure why. We were given a new delivery date.

That one came and went. New delivery date 3/6. Today, 3/6, they called to say new delivery date is "around 3/12" but they can't make any promises. And they apologized that it wouldnt get here "3/8 like it was supposed to (we were told 3/6).

It's now sitting at lowes distribution center and "the truck is already full." After 3-1/2 months, no one has any authority to get them to put it on the truck. They can't tell us what the latest holdup is. I finally called the manufacturer, who says it has always been back ordered until 2/26 and was always scheduled to ship that date. I asked whether lowes knew this.

They said, "if they ever called and asked for a date we would have told them." No one EVER told us this. I called lowes HQ and, after a 45 minute phone call, they got a hold of the local store manager and repeated back to me what he said. Meanwhile, I've got mold growing and growing in my bathroom. They did offer us a slight discount, but time is of the essence to me on this $3000+ order (this item itself is around $1100) not $100-200.


Same thing happened at the same store one time with a washing machine. It went over a month of "new delivery dates" and it was finally determined that it had been sitting at the local store for over a month.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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