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i recently purchased a stove at lowes and they told me it would take about three weeks for delivery because it was a special order so i agreed.three weeks went by and the stove came in they called me the night before and told me it would be delivered the next day so i took a day off of work.the next day i received a call from them and they said the stove was damaged and they could not send it out. i was mad at the fact that i was missing a day off of work as well as not being able to get the stove therefore making the apartment not rentable still.

so they said if i waited two more weeks they would send out a new one. so i did.

two weeks went by and i again received a call saying my new stove had come in and was scedualed for delivery the next again i took another day off.sure enough i got that call the next morning telling me that the new stove again could not be deliverd because this stove also was damaged.i was furious..lowes continued to calm me down be promising me a better stove worth more money for the price i originally paid for the previous would take a week.i stupidly agreed.same story the night before i get a call and they tell me the new model is in and scedualed for delivery the next day.the next morning something so unbelievable happened they called me and told me that this once again "the new stove"was damaged also..can you believe this three stoves three attempts three day off of work and still no stove.i lost three days of pay also a full month and a half of rent..i cant pay my mortage as it is now i have to go another month without rent money,which is 1400.00 a month.because of lowes i lost around 2000.00 dollars and i still dont have a stove..what king of home improvement store is this.they are gonna make me lose my house because i can't afford my mortage this month.they really suck! very very pissed off x-customer

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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gary from smithfield - blame walmart, blame lowe's - it is your own *** fault for wanting to get everything for nothing. You get what you pay for -- if black and decker was a problem, why go and purchase another one.

Purchase a better brand.

Even home depot sells items that are better than their "brand" names. what a copout.


why not purchase in stock merchandise - it is a rental ??? Poor poor shoopy - dont know what lowes you shop - or work at since you mention "internally".

Nothing shady or dishonest about them calling to inform customer that product was received damaged - stop being a passavist and stand up for yourself.

You agreed to wait for new sos merchandise. If time were such an issue - you should have persued another venue.


My advice ~ don't shop at Lowe's, they suck miserably, you wouldn't believe some of the *** that goes on internally, if people only knew what they do to their own employees, it's not pretty.


Maybe, after the second time, you would have a)picked an in-stock stove, b)not taken the day off before they checked for damage or c)gone elsewhere. The loss of your money is your own fault


I agree with S, they at least told you that it was damaged. And why are you special ordering a stove for a rental property? Take stock items ***!


Last time I checked the product arriving at the store damaged wasn't the stores fault. Pretty sure it's either the manufacturer's fault or the deliverer's fault.

They checked it for you before they brought you a damaged product, and even though it wasn't their fault continued to give you a better deal and tried to accommodate you. You should be thanking them for that.


you should have ask them the 2nd time if they checked to see if it was damaged instead of taking another day off work. No matter where you work things happen stuff does get damaged.

Just like your rent( why are you replacing the stove )did it get damaged by other people. It is partly you fault...



Lowes has become the Wal-Mart of the home repair merchandisers... Everything you buy from them has to be returned because it doesn't work OR under performs.

I bought an electric edger from them made by black and decker, and used it once and the "rechargable" battery didn't recharge so I took it back and got another more expensive black and decker. Used it once and could have cut the grass better with my sissors..

Took it back and went to home depot and bought a "homelite" brand got better edger cheaper with more attachments and paid 15.00 less for it.. :grin So guess where I shop now...


Wish to know what your talking about of lowes that is so important that we need to know let us know


I never liked lowes :( :(