Rock Hill, South Carolina

I used to work at rock hill lowes about a year and a half ago, and from what I hear from employees still working there the store has gone to the dogs. I am glad I am not working there anymore.

they have one person covering 2 or 3 departments, and that takes a toll on one person. I hope the district manager reads this, but I doubt it would do any good. things never change, management say they care about their employees, but they don't, they really don't. and never have.

just a show for the customers to see.

no wonder they have such a turnover. Just as long as management does not have to do anything.

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I worked for lowes in Lufkin, tx, for 4 yrs, they treated me badly the whole time, i got run over by a forklift, then fondled by a manager, i finally quit and found a good job, lowes sucks....


these managers are a joke. they try to run this store like a military operation even though none of them have served.

lowes has the worst work schedule ever. all they do is pass the buck especially in the loss prevention area. we have a lp manager so why should i do her job.

i see people steal all the time and i dont care. i encourage all theives to visit a lowes


Well i work at lowes now and i hate it. My zone manager sleeps when he likes to as well as if he is not sleeping he is talking on the phone all the time.

I have yet to get a raise in the past 1.5 years, i bust my *** and all i get is 20 hours a week.

My zone manager lets his friends come into work and leave whenever they like. If you are looking for a job do not get one at the knoxville store.


its funny to hear that because i worked at lowes in brantford and when i left management screwed up the whole store


i work for lowes i got hurt on the job myreward for 10 years of work was to drop my pay and make me a chasier but at the same time give the suckass araise even if thesuckass also got hurt lowes knows how to take care of its workers


@op, What do you expect them to do for you? Any where you work, you should be putting in 100% of your self while you are on the clock. Of course, you can't be every where at once, as long as your management understands that you can not give more than 100% of your effort then you will be able to survive.

@sulk, They don't write people up for simply complaining, yourdoingitwrong. I am guessing you have never been in the military. In the military it is often that the wrong people are put into positions above what they can handle or should be. I'm not saying that it is a good thing that the wrong guys are in the top, but I am saying that it is a life issue rather than a Lowe's issue.

Good for you john. The McDonald's here pays min. wage starting out. My store starts out 2 dollars above that. The only way to make more at McDonald's is to work lots of overtime.


Thats Lowes for ya. I worked for them also and its like that in Florida.

You make more money working at McD's then you do Lowes and thats sad. I worked hard and never got rewarded.

So screw them, I got another job.


I worked for Lowe's for 3 years. No raise, no promotions, only head aches.

The managers they promote are fresh out of high school with no training or work experience and it shows. They hire co-workers to fill in the slots for 5 cent more than the steak and shake up the road, again high schoolers and leave you with these people to try and run/close a department. If you complain, you get written up, then eventually, they will find something to axe you with. I have seen it to many times.

No, corperate doesn't care, they have made their money and now its gonna be just like all the other big box store back in the day, just pull in all the money they can for the next 10 years, screw the workers and then sell-out to Wal-mart. The goings on with this company today would kill the original founders 10 times over if they only new. Companies like this one are the reasons why our econonmy is so sluggish, corperate greed and pennies for the workers.

Everyone at corperate turns their head and doesn't want to admit to the stuff going on with this company, hey, why would they...I mean, who raise a stink about something they were making $200,000 a year answering phones? Another big box store rip off of a company.