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recently we purchased a microwave with exaust fan from lowes and was charged $109 for labor and instalation / the installer did a very nice job / the contract stated that any modification was extra such as wireing or removeing or cuting cabinents etc /i didnt have a problem with that / however we were charged $55 extra to (lay) a 1x3 inside the cabinet as the opening for the vent was to large and there was nothing to bolt to / also the vent pipe was replaced with a flex pipe / this was called modification / i would call it normal instalation / i did not expect this from lowes

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Listen, if you don't know a thing about installation of products, don't go assuming anything. When you have to build out or pack out anything from a cabinet to a door, it will cost extra.

Are you seriously that *** not to think someones additional time and labor are not going to cost more? Next time do it yourself, but I can only assume you don't have the first bit of knowledge how to use a level or hammer.

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Anyway to get a extra buc from consumer! At least he showed up ! :( :(

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