Mooresville, North Carolina

I have applied for 5 different Specialist positions in the past 4 months ( 3- Millwork , 2 - Pro Services) all of which I am fully qualified for due to my construction backround. I have had a grand total of 2 interviews.One of the millwork interviews was in my own store where they know my backround very well and saw what a dedicated employee I was.Despite my qualifications, management hired an outside candidate with 1/2 of my experience.

Lowes is only interested in hiring people they can pay the least to so Managers can get their large yearly bonuses. No loyalty or respect to good employees.

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ditto 100%. I have 25 years experience in home remodeling and have been passed over numerous times.

Always for someone in the "cligue" to get the job over me. Been going on for three years.

The first was the best. A part time loader and myself were going for a lumber position. Now we both started on the same day.

I had my experience in home remodeling. His was in horse training. Who do you think they hired?

Because he "interviewed better" .

That is the excuse they use when not selecting proper choice. Tell the customers that when they need to know how to fix their leaky roof or loose handrail.

Lowes is a joke


Maybe you're not the man you think you are


Its almost like the store as a unit, is running a business.


-ASM (admin)

and at the end of the day, the interview comes down to a state mandated point system, If you didnt answer the best, you wont get the job. point blank.