I purchased a Whirlpool from Lowe’s in Union NJ and after two yrs it started having problems so I figured since I had extended warranty I would get it fixed. The repair company sent a service man who could barely speak English and he told me I would have to pay out of pocket for everything thus costing me over five hundred dollars to repair. I plan on contacting 7 on your side or Arnald Diaz shame on on you because as consumer "money doesn't grow on trees" and why should I pay for coverage just to be told NO.

Monetary Loss: $879.

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Extended Warranties does not cover abuse by the consumer. It also does not cover things based on life expectancy.

A regular manufacture warranty is very similar. Major retail chains consider an extended warranty 100% profit. Most people forget about them or do something to mess it up so they don't qualify for a repair or replacement.

There is nothing you can do in such a matter. Clearly whatever happened was not covered or you abused the unit which is the most common reason for rejection :)


What did you purchase? Was it a whirlpool tub or a Whirlpool appliance?

You don't say what the problem was.

If it was something you caused or caused by an act of God it would not be covered and you would have to pay. If you are going to complain on a site like this tell the whole story.

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