Columbia, Missouri

My stack wash/dryer made a horrible noise we called Lowes service center and they said it just wasn't level. However, the noise continued and after having the unit for two years, it stopped spinning.

We called a repair man and the tub unit was actually sitting on the floor;it had broken away from the washer. We have the extended warranty but the company is running us around and playing games. They said they are not certain whether they will honor our warranty or not. Anyone that reads this, please believe me the extended warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on.

We have bought several appliances at Lowes but this will definitely be the last.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sandy, Oregon, United States #577631

I have washer that quit working, I called the Lowes extended warranty the Saturday before thanksgiving and I got an appointment for the next tueday the guy never showed up. I call and he doesn't go to Sandy, Oregon on Tuesday he would be here on Wednesday.

He unplugged a connection and said that was the problem. I asked if he was going to fix it and he said it was fine. He left the machine doesn't work. Called him it would be another week for him to come back.

I called Lowes and They had someone else to send. This appointment was for the Friday after thanksgiving. A no show again they would need to order parts. No one has looked at it to know what is wrong.

3 rd appointment on December 3rd wrong part ordered still no one has checked it. I called Lowes again and was told they found the part and would be back by 5:00 on Monday. A no show again. Called Lowes and they can get me appointment for next Monday.

I will never shop lowes again and will need to fix my washer myself. and am going to make sure all my friends know not to shop Lowes.


Just got off the phone with extended warrenty people saying they cannot replace our washer because we dont have a year left on our warranty plan before it expires, but we have had this washer fixed 6 times within the last 3 months, the washer a little over 2 years old, this is horrible customer service i see why people are running away from lowes and right to home pissed right now


I bought a Samsung dryer at Lowe's two years ago. I did purchase the Lowe's extended warranty.

Today the drum stopped spinning. I called Lowe's and the earliest they can send a repair person is next Friday - an entire week without a dryer. According to the Internet, this is a common problem as the belt slips off.

I'll fix it myself. Lowe's needs to address THEIR extended warranty issues.


i am calling lowes from over a month now to resolve my gas range problem with is not working at all!

repairing guy cam twice to repair with not compitible parts! so just waiting and waiting, i call them and they said next week.

when i call next week they said another 2 weeks. wtf.

okay,,, i waited 2 week.. i call again..

they said part will come after 2 business day and they will call you for repair time? i dont think buy anymajor from Lowes.


Totally agree! Not worth the paper it is written on.

Been waiting on their fly-by night repair people for over a month to fix our washing machine. When you call Lowes directly, they are NOT helpful and just refer you back to the repair people.

In the end, we will get justice because with with speak with our $$$. Will never make another purchase at Lowes...period.


Lowe's uses a fly-by-night appliance repairshop called Nite-Owl in Joliet, Illinois. They have kept us waiting for over 5 weeks (so far!) I will never purchase another extended warranty from Lowe's. They obviously don't care about quality service, once they know they aren't getting any more money out of you they don't care how long it takes!


Worst purchase I have ever made. Whirlpool Cabrio washer machine is worthless.

This machine fails to operate: always out of balance, adds grease marks to clean clothes, takes an hour to wash whites, and the list goes on. It has been several weeks now that the washer stopped working and Lowes is still waiting to complete repair. Lowes extended warranty is a joke. Integrity Appliance Company wrote on the service slip that it would be better to replace unit than repair it...

What did Lowes decide to do: Make us wait for ALL the repair parts to show up before letting Integrity Appliance Company schedule an appointment to replace many defective parts. Last time it took Integrity Appliance Company almost two weeks to schedule an appointment to replace a defective part after they obtained replacement part. They are a very busy company and we (consumer) need to wait in line...

10 days to get an appointment. I wish I had their business where customers have to beg to get decent service.

Bottom line: As far as I am concerned, Whirlpool Cabrio is the worst washer machine ever built and Lowes extended warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.


While they may dodge the point, I think the warranty is legally binding.

The real problem is Lowes "Guarantee" which is worthless and really nothing more than a "promise". I have experienced several failures of their guarentees (price, installations) which were followed by "Where did you read that?" and resolved by "We can't do that.. do you still want this anyway?"


We bought an extended refrigerator warranty and when the fridge broke 3 years later, they sent out a repairman the next day AND replaced $270 worth of spoiled food. We were pleasantly surprised, to say the least. And we live in a very rural area, 45 miles from the repair center, so we are not used to this good kind of service.


u did not utilize your waranty properly. If you had called for service 3 times within a 12 month period about that noise it falls under their no lemon policy and would have given u a replacement.

they have no choice but to repair it now or they will give you your money to buy a new one.

I f a problem persists speak directly to management at store level and they aid your situation. I BELIEVE IN LOWES PROTECTION PLAN!!!!!!!

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