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I purchased a Husqvarna riding lawnmower from Lowes along with a 4 year extended warranty. All is good with this transaction so long as you don't need to use the warranty.

I called Lowes today because I am having a problem with the product. I was told that they would contact the warranty company, it seems that Lowes farms out their extended warranty contracts. The warranty company called me and I was told that they would have to try to find someone to do the service and arrange for a pick up. The turn around time was 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

I assume that they expect me to cut my lawn with a pair of hand shears.

I AM NO LONGER A LOWES CUSTOMER for anything. The extended warranty is worthless

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Extended warranties are for dumb dumbs. Do they ever explain what it actually covers or how it works?

No because they don't know! First red flag! Most extended warranties do not start until after the manufactures warranty ends. Second red flag!

My former company used to call them 100% profit. It's just a waste of money PERIOD


I am still waiting for my riding mower 4th week and the company that picked it up went on vacation! ( a lawn mower repair company that goes on vacation in the middle of the summer).

I told them give me back my mower and the $400. I put out for the warranty .they told me they would get me back the mower unrepaired if I wanted . They would give me $11.

dollars back of the $400. I am a Contractor who will never be buying any thing else from them.


Lowe's didn't manufacture the lawn mower so why would you expect them to warranty it? Even the extended warranty is from a company under contract with the manufacturer not Lowe's. I can't understand how people are still falling for the extended warranty scam after all these years.