Richmond, Kentucky

I purchased a troy built tiller in october 2007. I PAID 79.97 for an extended warranty which was told to me all parts were under waranty except normal wear and tear items such as oil filter plugs tires.

The tine broke and I had to pay 75.31 for the repair. I think it wrong that an employee tells you the item is under warranty then you have to pay for it after purchasing an extended warranty.wHEN i SPOKE TO Kim Lowe she was very rude with me while I was asking questions.The extended warranty was explained to me different than what I paid for. My support for Lowes has been damaged badly. Thank You for your effort in solving this matter.

Michael Turner.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $629.

  • Michael Turner
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The employee you spoke with stated that the ITEM was under warranty. From what you stated he/she did not say the repair would be covered.

Only a technician can determine if something is a covered part/failure. The store employees cannot provide you with that information unless it is a maintenance item, the failure is a result of something you hit or as a result of an unauthorized repair or adjustment.

I don't believe that employee is to blame here. They did provide correct info.


I had the 13hp horse tiller 20 minutes before the tines bent. I think it would be a great idea if TroYBuilt would improve the product quality. This 1800.00 tiller is as delicate as a little flower.

Cortaro, Arizona, United States #12428

I think you would prefer that every tyne that breaks in the United States be covered by warranty?

That way you would be able to complain about the rise in purchase price of the machine.

Personaly I would prefer you to pay for a tyne every time you run it through rock.

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