Bucoda, Washington
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I bought a riding mower from Lowes with their extended warranty.

It started leaking oil last year so I called for repair in February since it has an extended warranty.

After 4 calls to Lowes and to 2 different "authorized" service dealers, it finally got picked up and they "fixed" it.

I got it back first of April.

it lasted 20 minutes before developing the same issue (oil pouring out or the head)

they took it back and fixed it and tested it for a couple hours.

developed the same issue - oil pouring out of the head

the fixed it again, tested and brought it back.

I mowed for 15 minutes and had a blade fall off, a coaster wheel fall off and a belt break.

The mower is dirty and dusty and coated in Oil from the leaks.

Thank you Lowe's for selling me this piece of *** and your *** extended warranty and your *** authorized service dealers!

Guess i will go out and do all the maintenance and repairs myself now since if i call Lowes back again, I will need to put a snow plow on the mower if I want to use it again this year and the grass is so tall, i am having troubles finding my car in the drive way.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Your mfr warranty was 2 years. You paid for years 3&4 and pick-up service for all 4.

the plans don't use dealer service because of conflict of interests. Therefore, you get second rate contractors who've accepted the plan fees.

You get what you pay for. The aggravation wasnt worth the money.

big ben

it must be owned by mtd. go with husqvarna or john deere


The warranty has a no lemon clause, next time you call them tell them you want a new one. It's right there in the print