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I purchased a Whirlpol washing machine from Lowe's in Leominster, MA in September 2012. I also purchased an extended warranty.

On December 23, 2012, the machine stopped working. A&E (which is the local contractor for repairs) serviced the machine during the original purchase warranty. They have scheduled a repair, or been to the house five times Each time a service call is made from A&E, we have to travel a minimum of 2.5 hours to meet a repairman. Last Friday 1/18/13, the latest scheduled appointment (drove 2.5 hours), we got a call from A&E that they have to cancel the appointment.

The repairman came the following morning, only to say that the part that had been order was defective and now they had to order it for a second time. This whole episode has been a disaster. No satisfaction from Lowe's, no cooperation from Whirlpool and A&E should not be a repair representative for any brand appliance. I asked for a new machine or a refund.

How many times should a repair be attempted?

Its been a month now and 5 visits. Still no working machine.

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What is with you people! OP just mentioned about the extended warranty but by no means blames it in regards to the problem at hand.

Then again, driving 2.5 hrs might be due to the fact that OP doesn't live at the house where the gadget was installed... what's so hard to understand?


I bet that Lowe's aware of their Whirlpool machines being a junk, yet they continue selling it.

That speaks volumes.


Next time, don't buy a Whirlpool machine, check the reviews online, buy a GE or Maytag.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #601510

I bought a maytag washer from Lowe's that is now 18 months old, and also broken. I am under Lowe's Service Advantage extended warranty, so I was under the impression Lowe's would make it right.

I've since had 5 service calls, easily wasted over 10 hours handling appointments and calls, and still no satisfaction. Lowe's keeps sending out service companies that cannot fix it, keep billing them, and yet, I have no working washing machine.

I have asked them to just replace it already, but there seems to be a long process of difficult hoops to jump through to be able to do this. I am really disappointed in Lowe's too


You need to understand what you are buying when you buy an extended warranty. The manufacturer warranties the machine for one year.

The extended warranty starts when their one year warranty ends. Your extended warranty will go into effect is September of 2013.

Your complaint should be with Whirlpool, not Lowes. Quit blaming the wrong people for your problems.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #599119

Your first mistake was purchasing a Whirlpool, second mistake was thinking that the Lowes extended warranty added some kind of extra coverage to the one year manufacture warranty. And what do you mean you have to drive 2.5 hours to meet the repair man yet you say they come to your home. Makes no sense.


An Extended Warranty only comes in to effect when the manufacture warranty expires. Seeing how it has only been a few weeks you're still being covered under the manufacture warranty not the extended warranty you paid for. Seeing how you lack such basic information or understanding it's clear you're causing the majority of the issues here.

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