Troy, Alabama
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dear sirs.or Madam,

The service at store(#22120-70110-09111,TROY ALABAMA) has gotten worse than any business should allow, and still stay in business..while I attempted to check out with (2) two gal of paint, it took 33 min with no one in front of me. The cashier did not know what to do nor didn't seem to really care. also as we(the line behind me) waited the Lady behind me complained that she was trying to buy a refefrigerator, and could not find any one to help her . Just for your knoledge, we often drive 39 miles one way to Montgomery, to Home Depot for better service and the produce we need. it is a shame you don't care any more. you started off with good help and it has( gone to *** in a hand basket). very bad. every day most of your problems is at the check out ...they really don't care...they seem to be untrained.and not intrested in what the one who PAYS needs or wants.


W. H. McMaster

P.O. Box 155 Goshen , Al. 36035

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