Scarborough, Ontario
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Went to Lowes to shop for carpet. I went to 800 Warden Avenue location in Scarborough.

Looked around and found something I liked. The display piece was hanging and it had instructions on where to find the item. Could not find the item where it was supposed to be. Looked for someone to help.

There was just one guy in Flooring section and he was with a customer so I waited and when he came to the counter, I said I needed help. He said he would be with you as soon as he was done. Waited for a while and once he was finished with the customer, he engaged another customer. So I rang the button that said press her if you need help.

I could hear an announcement in the store. Special attention needed in Flooring section. The guy in the flooring section came after a couple of announcement and promptly turned of the announcement and went back to where he came from. What a joke.

It just happened that Manager (Elenora) was passing by and I asked her for help and she waived one kid who came and tried to help me and spent 15 minutes but could not find what we were looking for but he said the item should be in stock because it said so on the computer and unfortunately only the guy in the flooring section could help me. So I went back to the manager and complained and she said only the guy in the section could help me. Isn't that pathetic that you see bunch of guys walking around with Lowes Red Apron but only the one person assigned in the big flooring section can help you. Spent 45 minutes in the store and walked out of the store empty handed.

It's extremely poor customer service. It can never happen in Home Depot.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Just have your stores better staffed. Customers should not have to be frustrated for lack of service.

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Thank you Mr. Anonymous aka Lowes rep.

Go to Home Depot and see if you need to wait for even 10 minutes before someone comes to you to help you out.

If a large store like Lowes has only one employee in the large flooring section, than it's a joke. Get it.


You are wrong to think it can never happen at Home Depot or any other store. You would never think of asking someone working in the produce section of the grocery store to come back and cut some meat because the butcher is busy.

In large stores employees are trained on the products in the department they are assigned to.

As an example, the people working in the door department aren't trained to sell flooring anymore the the guy in flooring knows how to sell doors. If you want the correct answers to your questions you need to wait for the employee in the department you need help in.