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I bought a dishwasher (with the 3-year protection) plan from you four months ago. I called the number on the plan - 188877LOWES - and sat through SIX MINUTES of ads trying to get me to sign up for crap I don't want nor need.

When it finally ended it said to hang up and then played an obnoxiously loud sound of an airplane.

Why do you have a service number when all it is used for is an advertisement?!?!?!

If all you can do is try to up-sell your customers without providing legitimate support, you have lost my business and those of my family/friends.

Your text-based support was no better.

After it learned my product was a major appliance by Whirlpool that was purchased in the last year, it provided me the number of Whirlpool. WHY DID I PAY FOR THE WARRANTY IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO PUSH ME OFF TO ANOTHER COMPANY????

Preferred solution: Use the help number you provide on your protection plan for actual assistance and not some cheap ad. Also, uphold your warranties when purchased by your customers and stop trying to pawn them off to someone else..

Location: 122 West Oak Avenue, Lawnside, NJ 08045

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You bought an extended service plan. The manufacturers warranty covers one year and the service plan starts when the manufacturers warranty ends.

You will find that you get better service from the manufacturer than you will through your extended plan. So pick up the phone and call Whiplpool who will set up service with a factory authorized service provider rather than the lowest cost provider in your area.

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