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The garden center employee, I did not get her name but she is very short, 5' tall or less and has short platinum blonde hair and wears heavy black eyeliner, although she flashes you a smile when greeting you, has a very dismissive, rude, sarcastic and abrupt way of interacting with customers.

This is the second time I have been treated in this manner by this same employee, and, it is not just myself, she treated the customer ahead of me at the Garden Center checkout with the same dismissive attitude and when this customer turned to walk away, she, this employee, not only gave the customer A dirty look ( right in front of me) , she also rolled her eyes and turned to try and find agreement from the other employee at the next checkout aisle, but this other female employee. turned her head and avoided her glance.

The other employee was, obviously to me, also being made uncomfortable by this employee's rude and unprofessional interactions with customers.

Then it was my turn to check out. I had picked up a pink knockout Rose, all of these size knockout roses had been reduced in price as the roses on them were all spent . There was a small white sticker applied to the plant description tag on all but my rose, that read: 14.99.

As I was trying to explain this, this employee interrupted me and told me: " We don't use that tag, we use this bar code." She recorded the bar code on the pot. I tried to finish explaining that these, on the table out front were marked 14.99.

She interrupted me again and abruptly, rudely, and dismissively stopped me with: " Those are for the SMALL ones!!"

I said no, that there were no small ones in pink, all the pink ones were the same size as this one and she could check it since these roses were on a table to the right as you exit the store.

She said: " No, it's 19.99"

At this point, in disbelief, with no apparent recourse, and totally speechless, I left my cart containing well over 100 dollars in merchandise, right there and walked out.

I will never go to that Lowes store again. It is very evident, from the way the other associate reacted to this woman's lack of professionalism, that the store is aware of her lack of civility and it is being allowed to occur.

I had sought to phone the store instead of writing this review but my phone, at this moment is stating that I have been on hold for an associate for One Hour 13 minutes.

Very poor customer service indeed for a Thursday morning.

Location: Byron, Georgia

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I'll take you're leaving something out of your dramatic screed for $200.00 Alex. You sound like a professional PITA and the reason many people hate working in retail.

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