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My front load washer that is barely 2 years old stops working after shaking so violently that it moved off its location! called warranty company-they send out repairman a week later, he only looks at it for 5 minutes and was rude to my daughter and leaves.

he orders parts and 3 of the parts (large tubs) sent directly to our house from manufacturer another week later. Called repair place and repairman comes out and says that one of the parts is ordered wrong then my husband pointed out that the counter weights were destroyed and the repairman had no clue about it! He never checked it the first time! So now we have to wait another week to find out that all the parts to be ordered has now put the warranty over the threshold and Lowes will refund the amount paid for the washer.

Anyone see a problem here? I have been out of a washer for a month, I paid for a warranty that did me no good. Had an in confident repairman to deal with who if he would have checked the washer out in the first place would have saved me at least 2 weeks! I am not enjoying going to the laundromat every week and spending extra money on washing my families clothes.

Then I have factory parts sitting at my home that the repairman won't pick up!!! Wow Lowe's, this experience really makes me want to come back to your store!

NEVER again will I purchase any appliance from Lowe's!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Dr. Phil where are you???

I haven't seen the mean personal attacks you are talking about. Personal attacks would get into why you are living with 4 adults and 4 kids. If the other adults you live with won't help around the house why have 4 kids...those subjects get into personal attacks. The subject has to do with products that were purchased and the expectations of those products and the stores that sold them.

An unfortunate part of retailing is that a store can not say NO, you can't buy this product, it is the wrong product for you. I don't work for Lowes but have sold washing machines. There isn't a salesperson around that would recommend a $499 front load washing machine to anyone with 8 people in the house. At $499 you are looking at an low capacity entry level machine.

I would expect with a machine at this price level you are very possibly washing in excess of 20 loads a week... far more than a machine at this price level was meant to handle. Had you spent closer to $1000 you would have purchased a machine with a larger capacity that would wash the loads faster and be built with heavier duty materials. I understand that money may be a factor with a family this large but don't expect an entry level machine to handle the work you are expecting it to do without problems.

As far as Lowes is concerned at least they sold you an extended warranty. If they hadn't, you would have a machine that didn't work and large repair bills you would have to pay. In this case you will be getting a full refund on a 2 year old machine,,,sounds like a good deal to me. Yes Lowes made a profit (a very very small one) and are entitled to it.

They provided and delivered a washing machine and when it broke the warranty company took care of the problem as it was spelled out in the warranty. Repair was attempted but when it became too expensive they refunded the cost of the washer.

@Dr. Phil.....

I think the lack of intelligence is really starting to show! Oh my, you cannot READ!

I NEVER said I had a family of 8!!! Try reading what wrote and you will see I said I had a family of 4 adults and A small child. Gee when I went to school 4 plus 1 equals 5!!!! WOW!

Not only do I have to explain things in simple english, now I have to give a math lesson too? So also personal attacks are coming into play. What size my family is none of your business! Also you know everyone is getting off the subject of why I wrote the post in the first place!

I wrote the post because I felt that the so-called repairman was completely inconfident and caused more damage than repair because he never fixed anything and didn't do his job. Then proceeded not to take back the extra parts he left behind and was really rude about it. So all the talk about the warranty is really not even a subject anymore.

Its no ones business but mine what compensation I am getting or not getting. Also since you can't read, your comment was meaningless.

@***ed off

i am behind you 100%. lowes service once they get the sale is just not there.

keep in mind what the sales rep is paid. keep in mind what the contractor gets paid.and by the way they DO NOT get paid for the return visit. when you know this you will then see what this warrenty thing really is. you get what you pay for.

go to a local dealer and DO NOT buy any warrenty.

And another thing. Dr Phil who responded to your post more than likly IS an appliance associate.

who at the present time is getting no sales because consumers are reading these posts and have experienced this at lowes before. only a fool will be burned twice.


It seems like this website is a great place to post your complaints. It is also a great place to see reactions to those complaints.

It gives a perspective from both sides of the subject.

Neither perspective should have a greater right to post as "pissed off" would suggest. Retail workers and stores have just as much right to defend their opinion as consumers have to post theirs.


you can say anything you want on the subject, but I tell you what. Hearing the comments from the retail workers like this - I would never want their service when I walked into their store!

What a joke! I hope you don't treat customers the same way you treat people who post on this site! I worked retail for a long time, I know and I understand how workers are treated by the public, but that does not mean that I take my fustrations out on innocent people who post on this site who are just trying to vent and air out their problems and make a voice for themselves on the issue. It should be a site that other people comment to say things like: hey, that happened to me too, or thank you for the information, I will know this information if this same situation happens to me.

Not the violet attack comments that are put on almost all posts throught the site!

This site stinks and the people who are commenting are making it worthless to anyone who posts!


You can't leave it alone, can you! What the commentors don't have a right to do is to have personal attacks!

And that is exactly what I have found on this site and on my post! If the comments are coming from retail employees, they need to vent somewhere else, because it is ruining the site. I wonder what their store manager's would think if they knew they were doing this! I don't think they would appreciate it!

If that is the way they treat their customers, I would hope they get fired, because they are rude and completely have no idea what they are saying or even care. Remember, customers are always right!

If the retail workers don't enjoy their job (which it sounds like to me) get a different job!!!!!!!!!

@***ed off

The customer is not always right and consumers need to understand that. Not saying you are or are not right, geez, I would not want to get attacked if I thought you were wrong, but you are wrong by saying the customer is always right, and you know that.

I do not work retail, but saying someone needs to go out and find a new job, well...it's not the easiest thing to do at this time. Just let it be.

Someone always disagrees with what you say on this site. You could say you love Lowes and would get attacked.


How did anyone hide behind a warranty? Warranties are there to provide a specific remedy to a problem.

They provided the ultimate remedy to the problem of a machine that has failed and gave you a refund. The warranty is there to spell out what they will do for you and they did it. Why do you feel they need to do more for you? If you felt the warranty wasn't "fair" to you, why did you make the purchase?

If you wanted a warranty that assured instant repair or replacement and compensation of your inconvenience you shouldn't have bought the machine from Lowes. As a consumer you need to take some responsibility for what you buy. If you didn't take time to understand what you were buying it is your fault, they didn't hold a gun to your head and force you to buy.

It's great to have a website like this to show that some people have very unreasonable expectations of what they deserve. :cry :cry :cry


your rude comments are extremely unwelcome and absolutely no help to the issue. What you think is not necessarily is what everyone thinks and the way you put it, you think the whole world should think the way you do.

Do your self a favor and respect other peoples thoughts and opinions.

I am done talking to ignorant people like you that have no idea what they are talking about and are only on this site to critize and harass people. Go get an education and get a good job and leave people on this site alone!


What you don't understand that is this is not a perfect world and things don't always go your way. Yes, we would all love to have products that never break and cause us inconvenience.

Unfortunately thing do break and aren't always fixed the same day. No, you do not deserve compensation because you had a little inconvenience in you busy life. Your warranty was fulfilled when they agreed to refund your purchase price, your contract didn't call for any extra money to be paid for your inconvenience. You need to learn to deal with the problems that happen in life.

Be happy that you have a home to live in rather than living on the street or in a homeless shelter and worrying about where your next meal will come from....make a few trips to the laundry mat seem trivial. :) :) :)


What you don't understand is that the reason for this website is to air out complaints and have them available so other people can see what manufacturers and retail companies are doing to consumers and hiding behind warrantees that don't protect the consumer. You should be ashamed of yourself for your comments above.

They are disrespectful and are a personal attack on me and my post. You absolutely have no right to tell me what I deserve and what I don't deserve! I don't need to learn anything about dealing with problems, you need to learn how to respect other people and their opinions. You have no idea what my home or family situation is and it is really none of your business!

Your ignorance is showing by getting personal in your comments. You think you know it all and you don't listen or care about anyone else or their feelings. Your disrespectful comments are completely uncalled for. You are rude and have no compassion for other peoples situations.

The fact that this website allows people like you to even type a word on it appalls me. I have already written to this website and asked to have this post taken down because of ignorant hecklers like yourself have nothing else to do but to make rude comments to real people with real posts. I have had it with this website because no one can post a complaint without being ridiculed and harassed. I can only say that I hope you learn from this and since you probably won't just remember when something you paid a lot of money breaks down how you feel about it.

One other thing, speaking of learning something (since you think everyone needs to learn your way of thinking) you might want to learn the phrase "if you don't have anything nice to say to someone, don't say anything at all!" Evidently you were never taught such manners and it shows in your ignorance!


every one has a right to post their comments. Appliances do break down and when they do you have to be able to deal with it.

You sound like a little girl crying because things do not go your way. :cry Grow up. Is this what you are teaching your children? Lowes took care of their responsibility under the warrenty.

Live can be hard so get over it. :cry


That's it! I have had it with your rude, disrespectful remarks!

Your parents must not have never taught you the saying "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!". They also never taught you to respect people either! Is respect even in your vocabulary?

How dare you attach me like that! You have no clue what has gone on previously or what is going on now.

Your the one that needs to grow up and start respecting people and respecting their views. I thought this was a website that was for people to air their complaints out on and I guess I was wrong. All you get is rude, disrespectful hecklers like you that make rude comments about the person who wrote the post. Don't worry, I am never going to post anything on this site again because of rude people like yourself.

And by the way, the next time you have an experience where you feel a company lets you down because of a product malfunctioning issue, I hope you post on this site and see what it feels like to have rude, uncaring and disrespectful people like yourself heckle you and write rude comments about you! Learn that what goes around, comes around!


Try this for a little better understanding of extended warranties.

Lets say that you bought a car from Joe Blows auto, Joe does not repair vehicles but can supply you with a CONTRACT with an outside provider, AFTER THE Manufacturer's warranty runs out. You have had the vehicle for 6 months and a problem arises, or 14 months to get it out of the manufacturer's warranty.

You don't call Joe Blow and expect him to repair it. You call the people that you have a CONTRACT with. There is the source of your problem. If you are dissatisfied with the contractors service or lack of service, the sue them in small claims court for every penny that you can think of.

You don't complain about the guy that sold the dog that bit you, you go after the current owner for not taking care of their dog.

@A Different Look

what you don't seem to understand is that Lowe's sells the products, and sells the warrantees. They are making money from them!

So it is their responsiblity when all else fails to do whats right for the customer. I have been searching several websites on reviews from customers and their warranty program. I am not the only one with this complaint! Even look more into this website!

There are several people like myself that feel they paid good money for that warranty and got ripped off! The other thing is that it does no good to try to work with the warranty company.

They have their rules and polices and never stray from them and really do not care about the customer, so it does no good.


How are you out $499? Most people would be more than happy to get their money refunded and be able to buy a brand new washer after two years rather than having the old one repaired.

Yes, it took a few weeks but you are getting a BRAND NEW washer. As for the parts, if they are metal, take them to a scrap yard and sell them.

If plastic, break them up and recycle them. :) :) :)


Are you kidding? Let me ask you this!

Have you been out of a washing machine for a month! Have you had to take clothes for 4 adults and a small child to a laundromat for 4 weeks just because a *** repair man can't do his job right and Lowe's won't do a thing about it? I got that washer and dryer for a great price for after thanksgiving and now not only do I have to wait for the check from Lowes, I have to waste my time again shopping for a new washing machine that is going to cost a lot more than I paid for this one! So I am out money either way.

As for the parts, I called the repair place today and they would not take them and they said to call whirlpool and have them pick them up. I don't know what I am going to do with them, right now I am so upset about the whole thing that I don't know what to do next.

Maybe BBB might be getting a letter from me. So don't you dare tell me I should be happy with that!

@***ed off

LOTS of us have had to trudge to the laundry mat, and for a lot longer than a month! And for more people!

:cry The best advise I've ever received to deal with a difficult situation was: Remember, IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY. Once I learned to do that, I found ( and it DID take me a bit), that 'I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING' :zzz That, along with prayer, equals freedom from self-imposed stress. Yes, of course, I still worry, but now I can put it in perspective, and offer my family a much calmer ME.

Hope this help a little. :)


No this does not help because this is more sarcasm than someone wanting to help. When I say that it has been a month of going to the laundromat and not enjoying it, what I am saying is that I shouldn't have to do that in the first place.

If I had a working washing machine that I paid good money for and a warranty for, I wouldn't have to be doing this. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for something like a large appliance and then not being able to use it and having to go out of my way and spend more money to have to do laundry when I paid for the appliance to do it in my home in the first place. I don't think anyone in my situation would enjoy having to do this. Anyone who owns a washer and dryer expects to be able to use those machines to do their laundry in their own home.

I am also not dumb enough to think that this situation is going to last forever. I am putting it in perspective and learning from it. I am learning who I have to contact to get compensation for the issue and also who to contact to let people know in the future not to use as repairman and such so they do not have to go thru what I have gone thru. Also, please do not put those moving face things on your comments, they are annoying to say the least.

Also please understand that the purpose of this site is to vent and air out grievances and complaints. This IS part of letting out the stress of the issue. Please let people vent and don't criticize, or try to give a personal help lesson.

Let people speak their mind and use this site the way it is intended.