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I ordered a large lumber delivery from Lowes and was promised a delivery date. I have a crew of three at a cost of $150.00 an hour standing by awaiting delivery.

The driver called and said he could not be here before 5:00 p.m. so I told him to redeliver the next day. That's four hours, $600.00 out of pocket for me. The second day, my crew is here at noon again.

The driver called to say he had an accident and dropped a bunch of windows and could not be here again. Another day, another $600.00 loss for me. The third day, my crew was here again. No one arrived all day, and Lowes did not call.

We called them, and they had no record of my order at all! This is a third missed appointment and another $600.00. They finally arrived on the 4th attempt.

Here is is two weeks later, and we ordered another load of lumber and and scheduled delivery for Tuesday, 8/12.

My crew is here again. They did not arrive and did not call. A fourth $6000 loss. On Wednesday 8/13 we called and asked what happened to our delivery.

Four hours later, manager Eric called to say that their notes had delivery for 9/12. We explained we had been on the phone all day Friday August 8 and had been assured the 8/12 delivery date. They apparently had a typo and entered 9/12 instead of 8/12 on their delivery schedule. The manager absolutely refused to assist.

The soonest he would agree to deliver is one week later, Tuesday 8/19.

Now I have a crew for 8 hours a day at $1,200 a day for four more days doing nothing and my project is behind a week. NEVER USE LOWES THEIR PROCESS, THEIR MANAGEMENT AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST IN THE WORD

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $6600.

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First, a smart person would have had the products delivered before the crew came. Second, if they are really as bad as you say, why do you keep ordering more product from them?

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