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I opened a Lowes card 10/17/2017. Real easy job a fence 3 panels ,a gate and Five -8 foot posts. 1. Was suppose to be installed 11/30/17..that never happened. The florida state fence called

enough for their name to show -up on caller id and no message.

So, the installer said they forgot to call. That, i gave my days i had off were i could be there. That, never happened they kept scheduling

when i could not be home. That, lasted for awhile.

Finally , i get a call for when Lowes was going to bring the Fence

material and panels, posts, cement and hardware for gate.

The gate never was on the truck of Lowes and missing a panel

caps, for post caps.

So, i have no gate and post and right panels til after

January. Now, this is a small job that ,would only

take maybe 2 hours if that???

Ok, so, the installer Florida state fence knows that, the

same day that, lowes picks up the wrong material

the installers puts up the wrong right side panel

and Two-6 foot posts that should be 8 foot posts.

The installer was at my condo with shaking the loose

wrong panel as, hes talking to i guess his boss

like iam the problem??? If they had installed the

fence correctly with "ALL" the right panels and posts

would of been nice!! $ 1,500.00 DOLLARS .

As, i was paying 3 months of lowes credit card bills

with missing gate, panel and post.

Now, its may 7th 2018 and still they only quote

off me a 200.00 giftcard....basically, here is

200.00 now go away....

Very pissed off ....and they strive for customer service???

A...simple task to replace a panel and 2 post....and

compensate me for "6 months" of phone tag and

the job not being done correctly....

Never ever going to shop there ever, ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Fence Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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