Belhaven, North Carolina

My wife and I went to Lowe's in Cleveland, Tenn. to purchase a refrigerator. We drove 170 miles to Cleveland because we are building a cabin nearby. We purchased the refrigerator and set up a time the next week to meet them at our cabin. The next Saturday, March 1, we drove another 170 miles, one way to Lowe's, and was told they couldn't deliver the appliance that day. No, I'm sorry, no let me make this up to you, nothing.

I have been a life long and loyal customer at Lowe's. Looks like it's big orange time for me now. Maybe they can deliver on their promises.

Phil Thornton

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They did the same to us. Paid the washer/ dryer in full in April. Delivery schedule changed twice. On the morning the 2nd scheduled delivery day Lowe's called saying "No delivery today. Missing a washer." We were told "It's not Lowe's fault. Manufacturer oversold the products."

I would apprecitate a call the day before if there isn't a delivery the next day. We just gave away our working washer/dryer the day before in anticipation of the new appliances delivery the next day. Also, people take time off work waiting for home delivery. We now have to *** from work again to the 3rd delivery. By they way, they don't know when they can deliver yet because they still can't find the washer/dryer anywhere in the USA.

Lowe's: you shouldn't have taken my money in full if you can not guarantee a delivery more than a month after we paid you. We are out of money with no products and have to go to laundrymat to do our laundry.

No more Lowe's for me.

Black Diamond, Washington, United States #10854

Boo hoo hoo.

Maybe you should have called first? If it was that much of a hassle why didn't you just borrow the store delivery pickup truck and take it right then?

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