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July 14, 2020

Lowes Protection Plan dispute

I recently received an offer for a 3 year protection plan in the mail for my LG Washing Machine purchased from Lowes in Hawthorne, CA on October 2, 2017. I decided to purchase the protection plan online on June 29th 2020 using my Visa Card (the offer expiration date is July 15, 2020).

During the processing of the transaction I was required to enter the serial number from my washer in order to validate the purchase. I entered the washer serial number, completed the transaction and my credit card was charged.

A few weeks later I noticed the washer was leaking bleach from the bleach repository damaging my chocolate wood floors beneath. The washer also started squeaking loudly during the spin cycle. I called Lowes on July 13th 2020 at (800)865-**** to use my warranty and initially I spoke with a customer service rep.

She informed me that although the offer stated the warranty was for my washer, it was actually put on my LG Dryer which was recently purchased in May 2020. I explained to her that this did not make any sense because the dryer was still under the 1 year manufactures warranty. She said there was nothing she could do. I then asked for a manager and she transferred me.

I explained to the manager everything noted above and he agreed it was their fault.

He detailed that my dryer was too new for a protection plan to be sent out and since the paperwork of their offer stated it was for the washer he advised he would simply move the warranty coverage from my dryer over to my washer. Once he completed that transaction he then proceeded on to schedule my repair appointment. He said the earliest they could come out would be Friday, July 17th. He asked if I would like a window from 8AM to Noon or Noon to 4PM.

I selected Noon to 4PM. He then informed me of terms and conditions and detailed that "My Appliance Clinic" would be the company coming out to perform the inspection &; repairs. I thought we were all set until he said, Assurant, their warranty company, would not allow him to complete the transaction since the warranty was initially erroneously placed on my dryer. So he said sorry although this is Lowes' blunder, we can't help you.

I said this is unacceptable. He said that I needed to talk to Assurant. I said that I paid Lowes for the Protection Plan not Assurant so I was not clear why he was pushing me off on Assurant. I asked if he would create a conference call so we could both speak to Assurant and he could explain that this is Lowes' error.

He agreed and then placed me on hold never to return nor did he call me back even though he had all my info.

I then called back and after a 45 minute hold time I was able to reach another customer service rep, I explained the above details to her and after a failed attempt to create a conference call with me and Assurant, she indicated she would call Assurant herself. She confirmed my phone number in the event we got disconnected and then asked me to hold while she contacted Assurant. During my hold the phone got disconnected and she also never called me back.

In my opinion, Lowes is attempting to NOT cover my extended coverage 3 year protection plan for my washer that they sold me.

This is their self-admitted fault and they are not taking accountability. This is a case of bait & switch and the fact that they acknowledged their error and still refuse to take culpability is fraudulent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Washing Machine Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $913.

Preferred solution: Honor the 3 year protection plan purchased for the washer or replace the washer or full refund for washer & protection plan. Also repair cost of wood floors..

Location: 2800 W 120Th St, Hawthorne, CA 90250

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your point that the don't take responsibility is right on and it's amazing how blatant they are.

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