Riverside County, California
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Mira Loma, California Store

Very bad customer service, took 10 minutes to find an associate just to find out that they ran out of product they advertised a few days ago. The ad didn't say anything about limited quantities or no rain check issued and they didn't even try offering a comparable item. The associate started arguing about advertisement and was just rude.

Totally Garbage store and terrible customer service & full of rude people.

Better go to their competitor or even better support a local nursery.

Totally Garbage store and terrible customer service & full of rude people....Better go to their competitor or even better support a local nursery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Advertisement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Customer service received, Lack of response, Service.

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Had the same experience at their Ocala, Florida store. Rude, lazy employees.

And they hang sales flyers on more expensive items then try to substitute a much cheaper item. We picked out a bathroom vanity that had a sales flyer attached to it but there weren't any of that vanity boxed up so we asked an employee to see if they had any in stock and she said she would check which color do we want and I said the exact one there and pointed at it and added the white one. She said ohhhhh THAT particular vanity isn't on sale..the one that is on sale is one without any drawers. I said well why in the world would you hang a sales flyer on THAT vanity.

Put it on the one that is on sale...Like. ..DUH !!! But then we saw that was a common practice throughout the store. I guess some people will go ahead and pay the higher price because they liked the item they believed was on sale so much that once at the register they won't say no take it back and bring me the less desirable sale item.

It's a VERY low down, dirty practice, is VERY misleading, and is FALSE advertisment.

If it isn't an illegal practice, it certainly should be !


Sounds like you went in to buy plants. The ads often show a variety of plants at a given price.

Lowes and most other stores don't have acres of land out back where they grow plants. The get shipments in form various nurseries.

You can't expect them to have an unlimited supply of every variety of plant on hand every day. You have unreasonable expectations of a store that sells live plants.


@ Anonymous: YOU have to be a Lowe's corporate cronie who trolls these boards making up excuses for extremely poor customer service. And I'm here to tell you, you may as well stop defending them because first off there is NO excuse for horrible customer service and secondly after the experience I had with Lowe's I am here to post after each one of your snide, rude posts and shut you down from trying to make the customer feel inadequate or to blame because apparently after having such a bad experience they must feel like the ONLY mistake they made was to attempt to shop at Lowe's in the first place.

The original poster is by far in the right to expect an equal item if Lowe's marketing employees are too *** to put the disclaimer of limited supplies, sorry no rain checks.

But even with that disclaimer I wouldn't go shop at the store. The correct and customer service thing to do is offer an item of equal value or a rain check when they have another shipment in.


It's a well known fact that Lowe's and Home Depot hire companies to contradict any negative comments against them. It's a new thing called internet reputation management. That's what this guy is.


Well its ONLY making them look worse. (IF that's possible) He comes out immediately slamming the original poster and Lowe's customer!

He is an incessant bully that I hope Lowe's wakes up soon and realizes he is only making the situation go from really really bad to horrible! He tries to make them feel *** or like whatever issue they had was their fault somehow. Instead of acknowledging and fixing the REAL issue...HORRIBLE customer service ! It's soooo simple to fix.

IF Lowe's really cared about their customers.