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I am an avid shopper at Lowe’s on Lowe’s dr for all my home improvement needs as well as projects I do from time to time. Also I realize sometimes employees may panic in an emergency and act irrational, however this is my most recent experience and I hope it is addressed by management at some or all levels.

On 8/3/19 we had a storm come through and cause a pretty severe leak to our house so naturally we head to Lowe’s to get a tarp to temporarily keep rain from leaking through.

Keep in mind the storm is still rolling and the rain is still pouring through. We get to Lowe’s and find what we need and the electricity goes out. The employees start getting flashlights laid out throughout the isles to make sure the customers can still see. The manager tells all remaining customers to make their way to cash registers that were still working at the time.

Then they stopped working all together. After waiting in a long line of customers and the system going down so they could not check anyone else out me and my wife decide to leave. We place the tarp on an empty register and head to the door that is being guarded by an employee. I understand that the sensors may not be able to detect theft and they have to take precautions for that reason.

We make our way to the door and ask to leave. The lady responds in a very rude and condescending way “no one can leave until the electricity comes back on”. Keep in mind the storm is rolling and rain is pouring this whole time to our house that is leaking. We tell this to the lady and ask to speak to a manager or someone.

She ignores us until others come to the door and start requesting to leave. Finally she calls for a manager who informs her that we may leave.

I understand I’m times of crisis that people may lose their head but I feel that as a Lowe’s employee there should be a contingency plan in place for situations like this and that every employee should be aware of these contingencies. It is not ok to lock customers in a store and not allow them to leave.

That is unacceptable and very unprofessional. I hope this issue gets addressed for future situation like this one

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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actually the employee WAS following the procedures. They are instructed to not let anyone leave the store if there is a clear danger to them if they leave the store.

If the storm was bad enough that the electricity was off then it was bad enough that it was dangerous to be outside ate the particular time. High winds, downed power lines, TORNADOES. Stop being an a55 and think about it.

If they let you walk outside and you catch a power line to the face and get killed than your family would sue the living *** out of them. They are protecting YOU and themselves.


That's BS. No store has the 'right' to detain anyone for that reason.

I was with my wife and two children shopping at the mall. A strong came through, and the tornado sirens were blaring. Mall associates encouraged, and welcomed, people to wait it out in the mall, but told everyone they were more than welcome to leave.

Which I'll guess that more than 80% did. Leave.