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Lowes advertises price matching plus 10%. This is not true.

After using this policy on a few visits before. Now they say they don't price match on

sale Items. They did call the competitors store to verify the lower price and it was lower, but said they did not match sale prices. I also purchaseed the same item in April,May and again in June from the competitors store with the lower price.

This is in direct conflict with their own written policy on their web site. So goes "Truth in Advertising". Lowes just another big box store.

And I have been a regular customer since 1968.. But no more

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I too just got ripped off by Lowe's 10% "beat any competitor" lie. They also refused to price match Home Depot on a $1400 snow blower for my tractor.

Nowhere in their advertising they display does it say ANYTHING about special orders. More fine print BS. I'm so done with Lowe's.

Their lumber always sucks too.


They have STILL not fixed their huge signs everywhere that say they will beat the conpetitors advertised price by an extra 10% off!! I argued enough and got the manager to call corporate who told him to "go ahead and do it but we really aren't supposed to." So ***!


They did not honor price match for me either... they said that the information I provide is from a site that does not ship the product.

It is sad that what they clearly state is lost in what they have written in fine prints. I am going to post the complete conversation I had with their rep..

shortly. Waiting for their executive response.


In el paso Texas they told me they could not honor the price since they would lose money on the transaction. They also told me that they werent identical items, then i showed them a picture of the wood and it was even made by the same company.

The item was 7/16 x 4' x 8 ' osb board (strand) and was on sale in home depot $9.78 compared to lowes $ 11.22, and was the same manufacturer (trueboard).Then they just told me either way they would not honor their 10% price match guarantee.


I just bought lumber at Lowe's. Menard's had it for 25 cents a board cheaper.

I showed them the add, and they matched the price and took the additional 10% off no questions asked. Then with my Lowe's credit card I got another 5% off. SO I go it at the lower price, plus 15% off.

Considering I was putting shelves along the sides of my garage, I save a lot of money on lumber. I've never had an issue with their price match, you just have to make sure it is the same item.


I took a local ad on wood. I had to pick up some other things that the other company did not offer ( Graham's Lumber) on a 2x6x16 board Lowes wants 11.23 and Grahams Lumber had the same grade of board for 9.54, I would have been happy if they just matched it, I was told they now longer match this store. I said its on your desk right there glued to the desk that you price match. We do but our managers say we no longer match that store, Ok well what about Menards Lumber, No we no longer match them either. I ask their radius and no one could answer, the store was within 10 miles so I find it hard to believe they wouldnt match that.

I talked with a few friends that I have made over the years there and ask when and why this stopped, They said we got a new GM and he said we can no longer match their prices, I brought the GM back to the Mill desk and ask why. He said they sale below our cost. I said here is their flyer from their store , this aint a special this is their every day price. He said I understand but we have chosen to not match either of those stores. I ask how he could do that when its nationally advertised they price match + 10% and he couldnt even do a price match. He said because I am now over this store and I have taken them off the list.

I then ask the employee watching this to pull up my number, and I ask him for my sales, he said I cant but he can look at that. I ask him too. He pulled it up and could see year to date ( Starting in January) I had spent 193,483.12 ( I wrote it down) I put my cart down that had 1300.00 on it. and said enjoy that money, its no longer going to be spent in a Lowes store. We build homes in the area. Lumber is our number one item. I buy from all 3 stores and while the higher amount is at lowes that is because our paint, nails, and tools all come from this Lowes location.

So if lowes thinks taking their price matching away by GM's choice is going to make them more money then I guess we will see. (500k+ a year at Lowes ( 150k+ a year at the Menards and Grahams ) I guess its going to be a case where enough of us contractors take our business elsewhere they will start to see they make a better markup but not more money.


Or he's trying spend what he spends on shipping from ordering online to tax from picking up at lowes

And not have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail


Or he's trying spend what he spends on shipping from ordering online to tax from picking up at lowes

And not have to worry about it getting damaged in the mail


Irish, it sounds like your IQ is about 27. Jonathan had a very good point that they should honor what they put in writing. I wish you the best in life as you'll need it.


I recently attempted to buy a gas grill from Lowes and they had a "Clearance" tag priced at 399.00. There were two left on the shelf, but the manager did not want to sell them to me saying they were a different model.

The model was written on the box and on the tag. I complained to the 800 number and was contacted by the GM and she said she was willing to take 20% off the original price. WTF the shelf tag is marked 399. F Lowes.

That is the last time I ever shope there. I told the manager I just bought a house in the area and spent thousands of dollars at Lowes. He replied I don't care, I have customers that spend millions of dollars and I don't give them a free BBQ.

I hope Lowes goes bankrupt. I was not asking for a free BBQ, just what they had advertised.


@ Irish, you are calling the customer a genius, and asking him/her to go to the competitor for the only reason that he/she is complaining because your LOWE'S failed to honor their own written policy ????? Who has an attitude and who is the GENIUS here ? Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt about your IDIOCY


If you go to lowes.com and read the price match policy they did what it clearly states. They gave you the item at the percent off of the competitor.

Here is the Policy:

We guarantee our everyday competitive prices. If you find a verifiable lower everyday or advertised price on an identical stock item at any local retail competitor that has the item in stock, we'll beat their price by 10% when you buy from us. Just bring us the competitor's current ad or we'll call to verify the item's price that you have found. Cash (charge card) and carry purchases only.

Competitor's closeout, special order, discontinued, clearance, liquidation and damaged items are excluded from this offer. On percent-off sales, Lowe's will match the competitor's percent-off offer. Limited to reasonable quantities for homeowner and one-house order quantities for cash and carry contractors. Current in-store price, if lower, overrides Lowe's advertised price.

Price guarantee honored at all Lowe's retail locations. Labor charges for product installation are excluded from our price guarantee offer in our stores with an Installed Sales Program


I brought an advertisement in from a competitor and they matched the price but denied the 10 percent, quoting they won't honor the 10 percent on "sale" items. Are all advertisements considered "sales"?

I would say no!

This does not match their policy. Very disappointed and I will no longer shop at Lowes unless they make this right..


You genius, if they don't price match than go to the stores where the items are sold cheaper. Why don't you do that?

My guess is those other stores banned you because of your attitude.

Also before making a fool of yourself get more familar with the policy. If you bought an item beforehand and in the future the price went down at the competition it is not part of their policy.