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This comment is to agree with what I saw about Lowe's. I am a former Lowe's employee who Lowe's decided to get rid of by using "willful" misconduct.

Most of my co-workers were really good people who, if they weren't experts, were not trained well. Blame people like my front-end manager in a western washington Lowe's near the Canadian border. Management was more interested in threatening us than training us. I was written up for poor job performance for something I did not do.

I was in customer service and did a really good job. That did not stop them from intimidating me, harassing me and generally treating me like ***.

This way they don't have to pay unemployment. I also had a flooring job done by Lowe's and the installer really screwed it up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I have looked at and and think they are great websites. I hope these things continue to be there for frustrated consumers and ex-employees of Lowe's.


Mr. Biblock, Why don't you send people that they don't know at each store that is having a problem and let them report back to about the things that are going on those store, I'm sure they won't like what is happening at those stores since most of them are still on the west coast being run by the old Eagle managers.

Trust me some are of the old ways of doing things. You got rid of old eagle people on they west coast but forgot about the east side of the area, in 2001!!!!!


simply put we are in an age of communication,its called the internet.A person or persons cn from any location in the world can communacte with the worlds population in seconds.if thats how they want to treat people then DO NOT do business with them. I will bet you that when there profits start to drop to nothing thene they will start to do the things that a consumer expects some one to do if they want to keep there jobs.and that is with all wide.that will give us power over the big corporate congomerate.they would not even exist if it werent for the consumer who gets up go to work and spends there hard earned dollors.the problem is we must be inited as one and not a bunch of indivduals going in abunch of different directions.united we stand divided we fall is so true and in all thigs not just our freedom.


Dear Anonymous: At our store, we had Eagle employees that knew more than any employees Lowe's could hire. Lowe's hated Eagle and would not let anybody mention Eagle much less any Eagle symbols, etc.

in the store. Try looking at Lowe's favorite practice of "selective firing" or "targeted termination" which is what happened to me. Some day I will tell the whole story after I am over getting screwed over by Lowe's management.

I worry that because I am on public assistance, they could find a way to see that that is taken away from me also. I am afraid to say too much.


I am not going to give any more information about my experience. I am trying to move on.

The experience left me in bad shape and I want no more bad experiences. I had no money to pay bills because I was not eligible for unemployment. I don't want someone retaliating against me for saying something I should not. Figure out who I am and what my phone number is and call me personally and I will tell you Mr.

Niblock. I find it interesting that you are spending your time patrolling these websites.


If you think that's bad you should have worked in the spokane,Wa. area they still have old school Eagle people working for Lowes and they are not the best you can have! They love to inimate you or harass you so that you will quit or leave.


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